Evia is the second largest island in Greece after Crete. It is joined to the mainland by a bridge at Halkis. I had not thought of it as a haven for naturists … but:

Hiliadou beach

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Early reports from Barefooters described Hiliadou beach as one of the most well-known nudist beaches in Greece. It is on the eastern (Aegean sea) side of the island, about 1½ hours from Halkida (the capital of Evia island). The dream of nudists is here. The beach is perfect. The sea too.


Unfortunately, more recent reports say that the beach is now packed with textiles, although it is still a paradise with clear waters and clean sand. But there are far too many people there. During the weekends, if you want to camp, it is difficult to find a place to put your tent. The non-nudes make noise, play ball games and don't respect the beach. The beach may once have rated 100%, but now it deserves only 50% - and that only because of its natural beauty.

However, an intrepid Barefoot reporter says that a little way north from Hiliadou beach lies a wonderful, long sandy beach. From Halkida, following the signs to northern Evia and driving along the sea, just at the end of the municipality of Halkida (there is a sign), is the edge of a village called Nea Artaki. Keep driving straight, not giving attention to this traffic-jammed village, but keep an eye open for a sign to your right for Steni. Taking this road, drive for 40 minutes, passing through the nice village of Steni (for all you meatlovers out there, this place is ideal with its tavernas). Mind the road, there are a lot of turns since you'll be going up the mountain. After Steni and when going down the mountain, you'll see a junction where you should turn right, to the village of Stropones). Steni to Stropones is a 30 min drive. When in Stropones, you'll be looking for a sign directing you to Glyfada. A few turns after exiting the village you'll see another sign on your left to Glyfada. You take the turn and you'll find yourself on a dirt road. Now, from here it gets ugly. At the first major junction you'll see go right, downhill towards the sea. Then look for another junction to your right, going uphill. As strange as it sounds, you should go uphill, otherwise you'll end up at a lovely beach, but textile. This road will end up in a wonderful long beach, which has a cave that can hold up to three tents in it, at the beach's right side (right after some rocks). This last part of the road is really bad, and you'll need a 4x4 vehicle. You'll also need water and food, but, says our faithful Barefooter, it's worth it.

If anyone could provide directions from Hiliadou that might also be useful.

Potami beach

Take the road from Karystos to Aetos and then continue the road parallel to the shore (the road is in a bad condition, drive very carefully; the ideal would be 4x4 vehicle). There are at least 6 wonderful beaches where you will be all alone. My contributor says it's his favourite destination for a weekend escape from Athens.


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This beach can be accessed from Potamos (or Potami beach). Just drive in front of the little canteen at Potamos, and over the bridge, then straight ahead. You will meet an ugly power plant after a ride of about fifteen minutes. The road is of bad quality and you'd rather use a 4x4 or a motorbike (beware of the side winds!). At the ugly power plant turn left (straight towards the sea). You will find a nice, unspoiled beach, where you can easily free camp and stay nude for most of the day. We spent a weekend there in mid-July 2009, and were naked most of the time - except during the early afternoon hours on weekends, when families tend to visit. The farthest end (left as you face the sea) is naked around the clock. Unfortunately we are not aware of the name of the beach.

Other beaches

reported as being suitable for nudism:

Rovies: At the north of the camping site there is a large pebble beach. The beach is easily acessible from the road. The first to come sets the trend.

Istiea - Kanatadika: the east part of the beach close to the fish farm. Large pebble beach with clear waters. However, keep sufficient distance from other bathers.

Vasilika: The southern part of the beach where also free camping is possible.

Agia Anna: Huge beach. The southern part close to the rocks is used by nudists. Access to this part is also possible from Krya Vrisi beach by climbing over the rocks.

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