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Alonissos is a very scenic island, still well off the beaten track. Perhaps not brilliant for the naturist, although there are certainly possibilities. Two reports sum up the situation:

"Using your guide and The Rough Guide to Greek Islands we travelled the whole island. Every beach is gorgeous and some nudity is possible but you are more likely to be on your own all day or see maybe one other person. It was bliss. The peace and quiet was outstanding but there is certainly no dedicated nudist beach."

And the second:

"We went bare on most other beaches and am sure that outside the Greek holiday period going nude is easy. We and another couple independent of us found during this period that many small beaches were naturist during the morning. However, after about midday, even on some relatively remote beaches, they can often become crowded by textiles arriving in cars, on scooters and from the sea - there is a lot of boat hire on the island."

In order clockwise, starting from the north

Some Barefoot reporters found the best beaches (well, coves really) some distance north east of the Aghios Dimitri beach. The only way to get there, unless one wants to hack through km of scrub, is to hire a motor boat from the port (Patitiri). The boats are open with 15hp motors and will easily get you to these remote coves. Lovely crystal clear water and even a blue cave which you can pilot your little boat right into. Only downside of the coves is that they are shingly, not a great deal of space and zero facilities.

Ag Dimitrios

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This is a very scenic beach, two sides of an equilateral triangle point into the strait between Alonissos and Peristera. It had about six people on it, while we were there. It had a beach bar, threatening to open in early July. Naturism might have been possible there.


But the first thing we noticed was the huge number of sea urchins clamped to the rocks just a few feet from the beach. Highly dangerous: plastic sandals (which I did not have) vital. A contributor who visited in July 2000 had better luck. The south side of the peninsula had sunbeds etc. The north side was quieter although more shingly. They walked a little further round and spent a very pleasant afternoon swimming and sunbathing nude. Another naturist couple turned up a little later. The sea urchins were not a significant problem although there was a noticeable amount of tar on the beach.

In early September 2005 the northern side of the beach was always partly naturist, and nudity seemed to be acceptable on the sunbeds on the southern side if you dragged them a few yards away from the textiles. Neither tar nor sea urchins were noticeable. Average about 20 people on the whole beach (including in the beach bar).

In August/September 2011 the northern side of the beach (that without facilities) was always almost deserted, but no nudes except in the very far (north) end.

In late August 2013 the northern side of the beach was relatively uncrowded, but while topless was the standard there were no nudes at all.

Update September 2018 - Nudism not possible at this beach at least in peak season.

July 2019: Nudism not possible in high season. However, the far north end of the beach can be used for nudism as no textiles walk up to there.

June 2024: There was nobody on the North side so nudism is definitely a possibility. Be careful with the MANY SEA URCHINS that made the many rocks their home.

Steni Vala

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The beautiful village of Steni Vala half way up the east coast of Allonissos has two wonderful beaches.
Head north for a short walk from the village and here is a long pebbly beach approx 1km long. The far end is naturist and wonderful.

North of Patitiri

The Sunseekers' Guide mentions beaches north of Patitiri, which it recommends getting to by boat. In fact the road system on the island seems to have been improved substantially and we were able to visit Kokkinocastro - which merits 3 stars in the Sunseekers' Guide - by motorbike. The improved roads may, however, have had disadvantages from the naturist's point of view: the beach has developed a beach bar (which we found rather cramped); when we visited, it was crowded with textile Greek families and was totally unsuitable for naturism. The Sunseekers' guide rating is, I'm afraid, very out of date.

Spartines Bay

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After spending 2 glorious weeks on Alonissos my contributors found a wonderful pebble beach called Spartines Bay. This beach can only be reached by private boat (no water taxis call there) or by foot. If you leave Patitiri and walk past Votsi you will pass a building on the left called The Homeopathic Institute of Alonissos. Some way after this the road forks for Chrisi Milia and Milia. About 50 metres before the fork there appears what looks like a truck depot. Turn right into the depot and walk down a track until you reach a house. Bear right just before the house and look for a path that takes you down through the pine forest, very steep and about 10 mins duration. All the effort was worth it and most days my contributors had the beach to themselves with only the occasional boat anchoring for a swim. Idyllic and well worth the effort, although I would advise favouring the middle part of the beach as the shade kicks in early on the southern end. Obviously no facilities. Rating: 75%. The walk from Patitiri to the beach took 45 mins.

2017 (July): The bay is really wonderful and consists of three beaches. the first is reachable only by boat, the second (where we've been) by car/motorbike/foot and the third by foot, passing by the second beach. we've been in the second beach in the morning and no-one was there so we stayed naked. Then some textiles families arrived and one old Greek man yelled us that was not a nude beach, so we decided to go away (about midday). While we were leaving a Greek girl stopped to tell us the naked part of the bay was the third beach. Unfortunately some big trees had fallen on the path which links the two beaches of this bay and we didn't manage to reach it. Anyway the beach has little pebbles and the sea was really clear and fine.

Sep 2017 - Visited this beach once walking from the town. You arrive at the middle beach and then have to hike to your left up over a headland then descend to a large stoney beach. It was very quiet with a couple of textiles and one nude girl. A young couple arrived later in the morning.

Update September 2018. A great beach but best in the afternoon when the cliffs backing the beach provide some shade as the sun dips. A pebble beach of course with clear water. I spent three afternoons on this beach in early September nude with the beach to myself save for one day when a local came down and stripped off. Plenty of room . As for directions then the beach can be approached from both north and south. Best bet is from the south from the vehicle accessible Spartines first beach. The report above (September 2017) remains valid but beware of the fallen trees and cables. Coming from the north then the report above needs some revision. The truck depot has now been abandoned but the wall surrounding still exists. The path starts just before the abandoned depot and is obvious. In fact it is the drive to the house you will find after 500 yards approx. The path continues outside but along the right hand wall of the house and through a disused olive grove. When it descends through the pine forest the path is obvious but steep. Beware of fallen branches and vegetation which may trip you up. Eventually you can access the beach from this path. In all highly recommended. No facilities of course.

Rope bay

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Sep 2017 - there are several coves and rocky areas accessible from the main road between Patitiri and the Italian Holiday camp [=Marpounta]. One is called Rope Bay because there's a rope to help you descend to the cove. There are usually some locals there or long-stay visitors who know the island well. Nudists were fairly rare. If there wasn't already somebody naked there, I asked before stripping off - nobody objected. A good path descends from the main road and there's room for 2 or 3 cars to park. Look for the tall reeds on the left side of the road with a wall opposite.

Update September 2018 - this is a small beach and as stated above you need to use a rope for the descent. Not sure how the couple I passed coming down managed with a parasol, dog and cool box! Location is now made easier by a "Nude Beach" finger sign attached to a telegraph pole just where the path starts.


Vithisma beach

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Vithisma beach may be the best bet. You can get at this by foot by taking the road out of the port, Patitiri, towards Marpounda, and turning right (there used to be signs at the turning point for tavernas and "nice beach" at Megalo Mouria; unfortunately these have apparently gone). There is, unbelievably, a car-park on this track after a kilometre or so, opposite which is the path down to Vithisma. If you get to the left turn by a wall outside a house you've gone too far. It's a steep descent (I mean it). About halfway down there's a divide in the path. It's hard to know which way to advise: to the left, you arrive above the old beach bar but have to scramble round a 45 degree slope on your bum to get onto the beach. If you turn right there's an even narrower path but it at [least] leads to a set of steps: however the path just above the steps is startlingly steep (although apparently somebody has now put a ladder there). The description of how to get there will probably explain why the beach is usually practically deserted. I get the impression that most people nowadays arrive by boat: it is easy to hire small boats in the area and I'm sure this is the best bet.

In the Sunseekers' Guide this is described as the "7-Up beach" because of the deserted beach bar. There's also a deserted surf shack. The beach itself is composed of large shingle; however swimming is excellent and the water is very clear. Very suitable for naturism; however the difficult access must reduce its rating: I would give it 60%.

A contributor from July 2000 suggests you could get down the first part of the path by motorbike. Look out for a narrow path going back in the opposite direction; only one person wide, but quite safe with suitable footwear.


The July 2000 contributor rated this beach one of the best. The two times they were there, there were few people on it (9 & 5) and virtually everyone was nude. Access is via two steepish paths down the cliff from the track from Patitiri. The beach is mixture of dark sand, small as well as larger shingle. There is plenty of space to find somewhere comfortable to sunbathe. The beach and water were both very clean.

The main drawback of this beach is the height of the climb back to the main track - unless you are fairly fit, you would probably feel like another swim by the time you reach the top!

A report from June 2000 describes a small cove that can be reached from the road. If you leave the main town on the road towards Vithisma Beach, approx 150 metres before the fork in the road (where you would turn right towards Vithisma) there is a sharp right hand bend. Just before this bend is an area at the right hand side of the road to park mopeds/cars, etc. A track leads down from the road to a sort of gully which is slightly hazardous to negotiate. However, the effort is worthwhile as you find yourself in a pebble cove with a natural pool area protected from the open sea by a narrow entrance. This shelters the cove and makes it very 'cosy'. There was never more than three or four couples there at any one time when my contributor was there, all nude. Pure bliss and peaceful. Naturally (!) no snack bars / cafes / toilets, etc.


2011 (end of August): a very quiet clothing-optional beach. Nearly 100% in the morning, and sometimes less in the afternoon. Rarely crowded because of its relatively difficult land access, and never accessed by the sea, it is perfectly suitable for naturism.

2013 (last week of August): since the last visit in 2011 naturist use of the beach has increased. Regularly 100% naturist in the morning, and often all day long. Never crowded. Sometimes, when textiles occasionally arrive, they tend to stop where the only access path leads, at the centre of the beach, so that both ends continue to be 100% naturist.

2017 (July): the beach is regularly 100% naturist all day long. it is OK but we've found Mikro Mourtias much more lovely and better than this one.
Sep 2017 - Visited this beach several times walking from Patitiri. It is actually signposted at the road junction and then again at the top of the footpath. The path down has been improved so anybody with average mobility will be fine. It's a fairly quiet beach still with only half a dozen people each time I was there. Good west-facing for the sun and the swimming was fine. One day, a large group of long-distance swimmers with supporting safety boats appeared from the south and traversed the shore about ten metres out! Most of them were British!

2019 (July): The beach is practically naturist all day but occasionally textiles may come to the beach as well. Nobody seems to bother and there is co-existence. Despite that, it is highly recommended. Beware of the last part of the steep pathway, especially for those wearing flip-flops.

2024 (June): Lovely nude beach which can be reached by following the road towards Marpounda and then turning right on the dirt & rock road (follow the sign). People are relaxed and it is easy to strike up a new conversation with a stranger. Saw a man swimming with his dog in the sea. Very chill and relaxed atmosphere.

Megalos Mourtias

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The beach at Megalo Mouria is well populated by textiles and overlooked by two tavernas: whilst unsuitable for naturism it does, however, have very clear water and for those who can stand wearing a cossy it has some rewards.

Mikros Mourtias

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Reports reach me of a beach called Mikros Mourtias - a little bay with sand and stones. Sandy area beyond stones. Easy access by path which runs from village above (Pallio Alonissos). Also road/track suitable for car and motor bike. On the day my correspondent was there there were 14 people, all naturists, some of whom were locals. However other reports reach me of arguments between naturists and Greek tourists, although it is suggested that those who are local to the island are not offended by naturism. Evidently this beach needs to be treated with care and the situation assessed on arrival and reviewed during the day. Causing offence does no service to naturism and should be avoided. Rating for this beach: 50%.
In September 2015 I found there around 10 people, 4 were naked without any problem for the others. There is also a writing on a wall of an old abandoned house on the beach that advertises the naturist nature of the place. Also an official map sold in Patitiri tells that "it has established as a nudist beach" - QED!.

In July 2017 Mikros Mourtias was maybe the best nudist beach in Alonissos. you can easy reach it but you have to drive about 2 km on a dirt road (it's OK also with a 50cc motorbike) but you can also drive your car or even go there by feet (there are many footpaths on the island). It's not always 100% nudist, you may find textile families or couples but no-one cares if you're naked… there is also a big write on a ruined house which shows "nudist beach" in different languages after all. It is never overcrowded, on Sunday my friend and I were the only two people on the beach until 1pm. We've been there 5 times in a week and we've been always able to undress. The beach mainly consists of pebbles but in the sea you will find only soft sand. No taverna or bar around so you'd better take some food and water with you.

Update 2018 - Visited in September- walked down the donkey path from the old village (very steep) and back up the road/ dirt track-less steep. About 10people there when I visited - 4 nude and six textiles. I found the place scruffy and no comparison with Spartines which I have reported on above.

2024 (June) I can echo the review dating back to July 2017. Despite the "nudist" beach writing on the shack in Greek, English and Italian, the German couple that was present on the beach when we came was clothed. As we were leaving a gay couple was heading towards the beach and immediately undressed. I guess this beach suits those who make the most out of it as both worlds seem to cohabit with lots of respect. Careful with the dirt track that leads down to the beach (you'll need to park by an abandoned building and then follow the signage to hike 2 minutes down the slope towards the sea) as it is for the experienced scooter driver.

Megali Ammos


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2015 September: Reachable after a quite long dirt road, but with signs that help.
In the "main" beach there was no-one practising naturism, but if you climb a very very little and easy rock in the right side of the beach, is possible to have a completely hidden spot in a micro-beach that has an high level of privacy.


(Tourkoneri on GMaps)

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My contributor says that for them the best beach of all was at the end of a long dust track. A long walk or a car journey (intrepid moped riders may achieve the journey). The beach is called Tourkonen and is on the West side of the island north of the chapel at Aghios Andreas [?]. This shingle beach was a walk through the olive groves. They spent two great days here and saw two people on the beach although swimmers from other beaches in the bay stopped off. The water was wonderfully warm and clean and the area very quiet. Those afternoons they felt like they owned the place. Another report describes up to 30 textiles arriving as late as 5pm, although it was possible to brave it out.

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