Kythera is excellent for nudism and is generally quiet and not over-run with tourists. The island is greener than Aegean islands and has a large number of beaches, ranging from small coves to long strands, and it would take a long holiday to visit all of them - the ferry/tourist map shows 35! A car is desirable as there is little public transport. The seas are crystal clear and warm, but the winds, often light and variable in the mornings, sometimes become quite strong in the afternoon and evening, due to the island's isolated position. The main "round Greece" shipping lanes pass between Elafonissos and Kythera. The smaller beaches tend to be occupied in high season by Greek groups, which are also spaced at intervals along some of the bigger ones on the east coast. The following is compiled from visitors' reports from 2009 onwards.

Kythera island is a secret gem! Accessible by plane and either from Pireus (6h 30min) or from Neapolis, Lakonia (1h 15min) ports, it's quiet and remote. Traditional production also caters for tourists (like olive oil, honey, rusks, local wine, ect). During our visit there any swimsuit was really useless (June 2017). No bathing suit required in July 2020 either.

Ordered clockwise from the north (Ak Spathi)

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For those staying in the North of the island and not fancying the publicity of the beach at Plateia Ammos, this is a much quieter alternative, nicely enclosed but still with good views to the mainland. Mainly pebbles, shelves nicely going into the water. No facilities.


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The island's free news-sheet describes this beach in the north-east as being favoured by nudists, but there are very few parking spots near it, then you have to walk along the side of a cultivated field towards a deserted building, and the beach is rather scruffy, with small spots of tar on it and in the water. However there were a few nudists there in 2011.
Not a nudist beach now (June 2017).
July 2020 The beach was empty, but I couldn't find the way to reach it.


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The biggest beach on the island, reported in 2011 as "fantastic. I had camped at Paleopoli beach large beach – pebbly sand, shingle, a bit isolated, deep waters, where there is a "private" place under the rocks where nudists camp. At the end of July there were 5 couples and 2 tents with women! It was Hot!"

Palaiopolis is not only one but three different beaches. First is always completely dressed (June 2017). Second beach is accessible by an unpaved road, 150m long. Follow the sign to "Asprogas" in front of Skandeia tavern. The beach all over the right division facing the sea is nudist - no more than 1-2 couples - or deserted.
July 2020 the westernmost beach is confirmed to be nudist.

Aug 2022: The biggest part of beach is completely dressed and a beach bar has been installed in the middle. However, during my visit (end of August) the beach bar got completely empty from swimmers and personnel after 18:00. So, at that time, the beach bar seafront was perfect for nudism (!). Regarding the westermost beach, it is again confirmed to be nudist and possible clothed beach walkers passing by do not mind nudity at all.

Limni beach

On the other side of the prominent headland to the West is its neighbour Limni, smaller and more difficult to access but with nudist credentials. (There is another Limni at the end of the track South from Ag Pelagia.)

Limni at Palaiopolis is wonderful beach, pebble and sandy. The better entrance coming from Avlemonas is an unpaved road just after "Skandeia apartments" to the left (you will see a small river there - this river has no water). At the end of this road the beach is fully visible and you can leave there your car and all your clothes to walk totally nude to the beach! When we arrived there were about 5-6 nudist couples plus 2 dressed couples. Later came a topless woman with a friendly dog and 2 single men. We sat at the middle of the beach because this beach is established as clothing optional (June 2017). You can walk all the length of the beach nude, as we did.
We visited in July 2020 and the beach was 100% nudist. There were some couples and even a single older woman.



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One beach given good descriptions and attractive pictures, is this one on the east coast. However, although the road is reasonable, it stops at quite a height above sea level and there are more than 300 concrete steps down (and up afterwards) to negotiate. Down below it is mostly but not entirely pebbles, with rocks on the beach and off-lying to break up any waves, and a cave/tunnel to the south. Said to be popular, but can also be deserted. No facilities apart from the steps.
However a forum report from August 2016 says:-
Cantina at top of hill with €1 parking, also take orders at beach. Not very nudist, except maybe in the second (right side) beach. Some topless women, but many families with kids. I stripped off one day but was only nude male and felt insecure enough to don a bathing suit for swimming. Didn't get any weird looks but felt a little out of place, perhaps better in off season.

Beach with stunning views, very clean water. Approximately 160 steps that are easy for everyone. The first beach is always for dressed swimmers. The situation in the second change depending on the day (June 2017). Two visits there, the first time on the second beach, we met two other naked couples and two couples dressed. We sat in the centre of the second beach completely naked. The atmosphere was very comfortable and erotic. I saw a young couple who "was playing". Τhe girl had her husband's penis in her hand. Τhe truth is that same time I was playing with my wife's nipples with discreteness and also one dressed couple was horny. But the next time we sat at the same place, we were the only nudes. Several couples sat near us, all dressed not even topless. No-one bothered us, but we did not feel comfortable, even though we chose not to wear anything when we were walking along the coast. This beach urgently needs more nudists before another one nude beach will be completely dressed. Probably naked will be insecure in August.

After going down the stairs you find yourself in the central of 3 beaches. We visited the beach to the right in July 2020 and sat in the middle, as at the far end there is a cave that many people tend to visit and take photos. We were the only nudists there, however, no-one seemed to mind. I believe nudity is out of the question in high season.
Kaladi central beach 2020 Southern beach
Kaladi1.jpg Kaladi2.jpg


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This beach in the south-east is fairly easy to get to by a narrow asphalt road, and had nude couples and singles. Backed by cliffs, it becomes shaded in late afternoon, but it is all pebbles and rock slabs, not so comfortable to sit on for long.

Overall very nice clean beach with pebbles, so sandals needed. Turquoise water and lovely views. The left spot of the beach is occupied by a beach bar and about 20 parasols in front of the canteen. When we were there (June 2017) at this point were about 20 persons all dressed - no topless. We decided to pass and walked about 40m to the south (right). We sat there at the middle of the beach totally naked. Later came another nudist couple, a single man and a whole nudist family but also two fully dressed couples who seemed to accept nudity (they didn't complain sitting between nudes). You can enjoy there a promenade au naturel, walking nude along the beach to the south for about 300 m, as we did. So go there!
We visited Kombonada twice in July 2020 when the beach bar hadn't opened for business yet and both times we found other nudists there. Prefer the southern (right) part which is 100% nudist, as the left one seems to be mostly for textiles and a few topless women.

Kombonada southern part 2020
Kombonada1.jpg Kombonada2.jpg

Fyri Ammos

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This favourite beach is in the south-east and not to be confused with another of the same name in the north-east. Access is by a twisting and climbing narrow road, newly asphalted except for the last 2 km when it becomes a dirt track that zigzags down impossible slopes and hairpin bends to reach the sea. Not for the faint-hearted! Many Greek textiles congregate at the start of the beach where there are parasols and plastic sunbeds, but if you walk for 5 or more minutes, beyond some rocks, it is all nude, with very few people and lots of space, maybe 200 m or more between you, and therefore good for privacy. The beach is small pebbles and patches of sand. There is shade from the cliffs from late afternoon, but be careful to choose a spot with no signs of fresh debris before going close to them, for there may be a rockfall, particularly in the mornings. After 10 minutes' walk, the cliffs are breached by a canyon, and here the sun stays on the beach the longest.
The forum report from August 2016 says:-
Hair-raising to get here, but not as bad as Melidoni. Parking, cantina at entrance + chairs. Beach is over 1km long, beautiful calm crystal clear waters. Walked to far end, for a while had entire beach end to myself but was the only nudist. A few boats came in my area to swim, all clothed. Nobody paid me any mind. Recommended if you're looking for long quiet sparsely populated beaches. The beach itself is a must, and def worth the drive down. Bring shoes; beach is mostly (hot) pebbles. Really gorgeous beach, worth the trip nudist or not.
Peaceful beach with sand and pebbles, do not need sandals. A cave at the southern point. At the entrance of the beach there is a beach bar plus about 30 umbrellas near the bar. We arrived at the same time as another nudist couple decided to sunbathe near the cave. We walked about 50m to the north (left). We were not hidden between the rocks as is also possible and we stayed visible from the bar. No-one else was naked there, but nobody bothered us even when we walked in front of the clothed people on the beach bar loungers (June 2017). Suitable place for sexual activity, if you want to do it, inside the sea or between the rocks but not in the cave in front of the bar!

Visited this wonderful beach 3 times in July 2020 and found it suitable for nudism. The last part of the road to the beach is dirt road, but with only one tricky point, so there was no problem getting there. There is a beach bar, but it wasn't open yet. We walked a few metres to the north and were completely alone or with other nudists. Like Kombonada, the beach is huge, so even in high season, you can easily find a spot to strip. Definitely recommended!

Aug 2022: The previous report from July 2020 is confirmed. Despite the open beach bar in August, the northern part of the beach can be used for nudism. Highly recommended beach.

Fyri Ammos northern part 2020
Fyri1.jpg Fyri2.jpg


Aug 2022: This is a small isolated beach west of Kapsali beach. The beach was nudist during the morning hours in the end of August. There were a few nude free campers there and some local residents who were visiting the beach for nudism almost daily. I am not sure if the beach was nudist all day long though. The beach can be accessed by a 10' path starting from the dirt road next to Aronis apartments. The path is sign marked. Otherwise, by the sea with canoe, SUP etc or swimming from Kapsali.

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This beach, in the south-west, is said to be totally nude.
But the report from August 2016 says:-
"said to be totally nude" - this is completely inaccurate. First off, beach has a very difficult cliff-side dirt road, hair-raising and rough, to get there. Very small beach, totally organized with mostly families, children and couples; chairs and music cantina that holds occasional beach parties but judging from the crowd, wouldn't risk going there at night for it. Definitely not nudist-friendly, at least in the high season, from what I could tell. Not recommended at all.

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