See Aegina on Google Maps (the places mentioned below are in the North West)

There are limited nudist opportunities on the Saronic island of Aegina. This island, being just over an hour from Athens, gets busy at weekends but out of the town there are isolated spots frequented by nudists.
It is possible to walk but bicycle rental is around 5 euro/day and opens up much more scope (20€/day could get you a scooter - but be careful of gravelly corners).

The first location is below cliffs north of Aegina town. Go out past 'Colona' archeological site and you will immediately pass a narrow (textile) beach - much quieter than the 'town' beach seen before Colona. Keep going with Danae Hotel on right. After about half a km there are a couple of access paths down the cliff and nude swimmers are often seen swimming from rocks.

The second location is about 1km after this. Pass the church/lighthouse. Pass the Lady statue and the Delphini Taverna. Go until the road turns a sharp right. Immediately before the turn there is wooded land on left going down to the sea. This area is not much used and there is a small pebbly beach which is screened by the trees from the houses up at the road.

A third possibility is right on the corner where the road turns right. You will see there are two paths down to the left and several rocky places to swim from.
None of these are the wonderful idyllic beaches found in other areas but at least on Aegina, now we can have a proper swim…and the water is wonderful and clear.

A new opportunity has arisen with frequent if isolated nudity on the beach just after Colona on the way out of town. This is promising as it is a short walk from the town and ferry terminal. The beach with Colona to the left is narrow and long. Go to the far end (away from Colona). There is a great deal of seaweed which means this is the less popular end and isolated nudist swimming is becoming more common.

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