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Thassos is a is a beautiful green island only a half-hour ferry ride from the mainland where the charter flights come into Kavala airport. Previous reading of the Naturist Guide to Europe (and Phil Vallack) had suggested several suitable beaches around the island. In midsummer, when many Eastern European tourists drive to the island by car, it is more difficult to enjoy nudism. The best times are May/June and September/October. In the off-season you can swim naked almost everywhere.

For the "non-beach" times there are plenty of other interesting places to visit and Thassos town provides an interesting place to eat in the evenings. Where you stay depends on your priorities and on transport. For more infos see here.

Thassos island has an excellent coastal road and the round trip is 96 km. There are few roads going into the centre and none that go across. It is possible to drive all the way round in about 2.5 hours. This itself is a problem from the point of view of naturist beaches, because the coast road overlooks most of the beaches so privacy is a little difficult to find. The north west coast is very rocky so opportunities there look a bit limited.

The tourist season is from June to end of September. During that time the beaches are crowded and nudism is a bit difficult. Meanwhile (2017) even the smallest bay is commercialized with beach bars, loungers and parasols. From October to May the island is deserted and most beaches are suitable for nudism.

In order clockwise from Thassos town


Paradise Beach

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Paradise Beach is approximately 23km from Thassos town via the coastal road that circles the Island. Once a hidden beach, it has become a "must see" attraction. From Golden Beach follow the coast road for about 15 minutes and look for a blue sign on your left "Paradise Beach". You can't miss the beach since there's a huge sign with "Paradise Beach" at the main road. The road from there leads down to a huge parking line near the Taverna. The road has been cemented at critical spots. From there you have to walk to the naturist section (the rocks).

The Captain receives many positive reports about this beach and Paradise Beach is the main Naturist beach of the island!!. Many Barefooters find it a real paradise, with ratings of 90 or 95% nudists. The sandy part of the beach is covered by sunbeds from mid-May to end of September with non-nudist visitors. In that time nudists stay on the rocky part at the left side of the beach that remains naturist even in high season.

Update August 2017 - The main beach is now more sunbed than sand, no chance of all-over tanning here in the high season! but never fear, Paradise is not gone, just moved! Leave the main beach behind and keep walking over the rocks (to the left as you look at the sea) you will soon leave the noise behind and find a little strip of sand (just enough to get in the sea) with plenty of space on the rocks around to sunbathe. Some-one has put up signs all over the place saying NUDIST BEACH.
You feel a million miles from the crowds of the main beach and it's nice to see that this beach is used by groups, couples, and families with children, many of them Greeks!


Update May 2018: If you visit Thassos just before the holiday season starts, you get the benefit of wonderful weather and a nudist site which you may have entirely to yourself. To get to the site without wading through the sea, you need to find the right pathway leading from one of the parking areas. Be persistent — it’s worth it. The only annoyance we experienced was of the occasional clothed visitor coming for a look.


Update July/August 2022: still the perfect place for naturism in Thassos!!! the easy way to the beach is to turn at the sign pictured right: drive (carefully) until you reach the lowest parking place. from there there is a path leading to the beach. you do not have to pass the whole (textile) beach, nor climb over the rocks - you get directly to the nudist part of the beach! Don't be afraid of the rocks; the beach is sandy in the water. there is also a small strip of sand by which you get in and out of the water.

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Naturists use the beach below Archanges monastery a few km further on, called LIVADI-beach. Nudists stay at the left side while the right side is with beach bar and sunbeds. Very soon after the main Aliki beach one passes the Monastery on the left. Approximately 1km further along and at the bottom of a steep hill with a suicidal bend to the left, there is a steep dirt track off to the left. Follow along until it opens out to a flat parking area with several large olive trees affording parking shade for the car. See on Google Maps

The Monastery can be seen high on the cliff to the left. The beach, of graded polished pebbles, enters the sea at a shallow slope. However there are submerged flat slippery rocks with some sea urchins which can prove hazardous. The area was not too overcrowded (late September 2015) and a change from the sand of Paradise Beach. During the season there is a beach bar. My contributors sunbathed and swam nude on several days, only seeing the occasional couple in the distance and a couple of snorkellers. The prevailing wind does seem to be more intense here but, when Paradise Beach is overcast by clouds spinning off the towering peaks at the rear of the beach, this is the place to head for. They always found the sun here. No problems encountered here either from the monks, whom they never saw, or from any other visitors. A word of warning, be careful when leaving the dirt track to join the road, as traffic comes down the hill at speed and can be invisible until one edges out for better vision.

Next to the Livadi beach is the Arsenas Beach separated only by some rocks. It is an even better place for nudism (outside high season, when the beach bar has closed). The beach has pebbles and stones and is signposted. You can go there by following the dirt road in Livadi


Here, I think?

There is one super little beach about 1.5 km South (anticlockwise) from Potos. There is a lay-by on the road which often has a few cars or mopeds parked in it. It is small and on two occasions my contributor found Greek families already there who politely replied that they would rather he didn't go nude when asked, but on other occasions it was mostly nudist or mixed. It appears to be one of those places where the first party there gets to decide.

Beaches nr Limenaria

There are two beaches on the east side of Limenaria below the German House (a derelict gothic building easily visible from most of the surrounding area). The main beach is the most easterly and the smaller one is next to it and apparently accessible by rounding the beach at shore level from the main one.


Earlier reports suggested that the beach below the German house, known as Metalia, might be suitable - but the Captain understands that it is now developed with absolutely no possibility of nude sunbathing. A shame, because it sounds quite an interesting place.

There are two smaller bays nearer to the town, also accessible from behind the German House, which were very quiet but could only be reached after a scramble down the cliffs.

In Limenaria if you walk past the taverna on the beach which has the bows of two boats at the front of it and continue as far as you can go you will find a large sandy beach which is isolated and you can strip off and my contributors were not disturbed by anyone. The sea is quite rocky and my contributor only paddled about in the rock pools!

Another beach visited by my contributors was about 1 km west of Limenaria and has a sign for the Bio Bio taverna on it. The area west of the rocky outcrop was nudist while they were there, but the Bio Bio taverna wasn't open (opening "tomorrow":-)). A report from 1999 suggests naturist possibilities here. The Captain hears about a beach about 1.5 mile north of Limineria. As you drive out of the town clockwise on the ring road it can be seen on your left. Park just past the large house on your right and reach beach by the small path. This beach was about 1 kilometre long and had only 3 other couples (all textiles) when my correspondent visited. Two days of complete nude sunbathing and swimming. The beach is very fine sand but sea is very rocky and quite sloping. Beach can be seen from the road above but this did not cause us any problems.


Trypiti / Tripti

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As you go further out of Limenaria to the West (i.e. clockwise) about 2 km from Limenaria you come first to a lay-by a few metres from a small double cove (perhaps 40 to 50 metres wide), which was always very quiet (only two or three groups, often including a few naturists). Immediately after this lay-by is a signposted short road to a large and beautiful beach called Tripiti. There are a fair number of facilities including a bar and on the days my contributor visited there were 10-20 nude sunbathers and bathers at the East (i.e. left) end. One of my contributors says the cove near Trypiti is so quiet it's amazing.


During summer season 2009 a huge hotel opened on Tripiti. Although from the hotel's balcony there's a view to the left (nudists') part it is far enough not to disturb its character. Some of the long-time visitors to the beach were annoyed at the huge construction and never visited the beach again. The beach is overcrowded (2015) and no signs of nudism at all. May and September 2015; the left part is nudist especially after 1300.

Visited Trypiti beach Aug 2016 on 3 occasions, no sign of any naturists at any time though I did venture onto the left hand cove, very stony, and managed to enjoy an hour or so of sun in the nude when it was a quiet day even on the Le Sun beach next door.

Medalia Beach

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Medalia Beach is organized beach. After reaching Medalia Beach, take right and walk until end of the beach. You will passage inside the rock. This is not so big passage. Enter that hole and walk. End of the tunnel, you will see small but lovely beach. In 2022 July 3-6 people is using and all of them are nudist.

West of the island

Fari Beach

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There is a beach south of Skala Marion, it is hard to find and get to but well worth it as it is a very nice spot. There is no development on this beach (one of the last undeveloped beaches on the island!).


Don't drive into Skala Marion (coming from the north) but by-pass the village staying on the main road, on the next bend (slow right down) you will see a rusty brown sign ANCIENT POTTERY FACTORY (photo right). Take this small road off on the right, take extreme care here, the bend is sharp and the road you need to take is on the apex. This is a bad road from the start and gets worse! Pass the small house on the left (you can park just beyond this if car, off road driving or hire car insurance excludes driving further); follow this road round the perimeter of the small farm's fence. You will find a small open parking area above a small cliff, from here you can see the beach! Take care parking as this area has very uneven ground!
Once you see the sign: go round the fence from the right side. You can walk down flat rocks until you get to the beach. Nudists most often use the far side of the beach but we have been here many times when we have had the whole beach to ourselves, sand, stones, very good for snorkelling! Happy times. please help keep this beach clean.

Update July/August 2022: still perfect beach, still undeveloped…


A correspondent did manage to find a few small, deserted beaches on the west side of the island, north of Skala Maries. These were mainly rocky and partly overlooked from the main road. It was possible to find plenty of positions where the trees blocked the view from the road but there is hardly time for passing motorists to do a double-take anyway. My contributors remained relatively undisturbed here for hours. Here's a likely spot but it may be the one below!


Between Scala Maries and Scala Kalirachi there are several small beaches along the road, often pebble or stone beaches with wonderfully clear water and very few visitors. Nudism is mostly possible here outside the high season.

Skala Kallirachi

This beach is 3 km south of Skala Kallirachi. After the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right you pass a traffic sign saying speed limit of 30 is suspended and after 50m a new sign with 80. There is a small parking space from where you can see the beach. You can park the car a little further down. Beach has stones - but there are several small sand dunes.

Part of the beach can be seen from the road above - but it's possible to find a spot hidden by trees. And even if you lay visible from the road people passing by will only see you for a second.


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