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There are many lonely beaches at Samothrace/Samothraki which are perfect for nudism, and also 2 natural pools along the river Fonias. There is no mass tourism and therefore you can find quite a number of lonely beaches. Unfortunately most beaches are pebble beaches! The Kipos beach is the most frequented by naturists. It is a long pebble beach at the south-east end of Samothrace and easy to reach by car or bus.
Vatos Beach. Beautiful beach with sand and pebbles at the mouth of the Vatos gorge at the South Coast. There is no road connection. You can reach the beach either by boat or on foot after a difficult path through rocks. It's an excellent Nudist Beach, as are the bays to the east of Vatos Beach which are difficult to reach too

The above is the first report received for Samothrace, made in August 2016 - thank you DocWo1 - so further information will be most gratefully received…

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