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There are many lonely beaches at Samothrace/Samothraki which are perfect for nudism, and also the natural pools along the river Fonias. There is no mass tourism and therefore you can find quite a number of lonely beaches. Unfortunately most beaches are pebble beaches! The island is particularly popular with young Greeks who indulge in the hippie culture. That's why nudism is quite common.

The first reports received for Samothrace were made in August 2016 and 2020 - thank you DocWo1 - and follow below without dates. Subsequent reports will, I trust, all be dated….

Order of listing is clockwise, beginning from the South-east corner


Kipos beach

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This beach is the most frequented by naturists. It is a long pebble beach at the south-east end of Samothrace and easy to reach by car or bus. There is no shade here and sitting on the pebbles is uncomfortable in only a towel. So better bring your umbrella and chairs.

July 2023
The road to the beach is mainly tarmac but in need of some repair. The beach has little shade nor facilities at present. When we visited it was mainly nude and the few textiles that were there had no problems. It is stunning in it's barren setting. Local advice is don't park in the shade - goats may stand on your car to eat the low tree leaves.



Vatos beach

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Beautiful beach with sand and pebbles at the mouth of the Vatos gorge at the South Coast. There is no road connection. You can reach the beach either by boat or on foot after a difficult path through rocks. It's an excellent Nudist Beach, as are the bays to the east of Vatos Beach which are difficult to reach too. On Pachia Ammos beach [about a kilometre to the west] you can mostly find fishermen with their boats during the season. Upon request, they can take you to one of the secluded bays by boat. It is important to have the fishermen's mobile phone numbers given so that they can pick you up again. Camping accessories, groceries, water, rubbish bags, etc. have to be taken with you because they are lonely bays. The dry river Vatos Beach is particularly popular with nude campers. It can also be reached on foot (1-2 hours) from above Pachia Amos Beach, along a marked path.

Pachia Ammos beach

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Report from Nordic_barefoot, uplifted from Forum:-
Visited this beach 6 & 7th of July 2023. Just one beach bar is open. The rest of the beach is free from beach chairs and so on. Not many people on the natural beach. To my surprise nudity was common. People are walking alongside the beach, but don't care about nude people.


Fonias Pools

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To the east of Therma are the cold pools and waterfalls of the Fonias River. You can walk from the parking lot after the bridge in about 45 minutes (5 km) along the Fonias Gorge to the first and most beautiful pool with a 12 m waterfall (the path is signposted). There are 2 other beautiful pools and waterfalls uphill, surrounded by wonderful scenery. The 2nd pool is about 1 hour, the 3rd pool about 2 hours from the parking lot. The passages, especially to the third pool, have a high degree of difficulty and are only partially marked by red dots on stones or trees. So caution and good shoes are required. Accidents happen again and again, especially on the way to the third pool. Since there is no mobile phone reception there, in the event of an accident you have to rely on someone else to get help. Therefore you should never go that way alone! It is not without reason that the creek is called Murderer Creek. However, you are rewarded by an almost untouched natural landscape and you can refresh yourself from the strenuous hike in natural water basins fed by waterfalls. Bathing naked here is an ice-cold pleasure. There are local guides for people who want to see all of the pools without the risk of getting lost.

Pools of Vathres

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A few km from Therma are the natural basins of the creek Platia (Kria Vathra) and Tsumar (Mikres Vathres). Although the walk to the pools is not difficult it's better to wear sport shoes than sandals. Both basins are not deep enough for swimming but enough for nude refreshing. It's the beautiful landscape that makes it worth going there. If you follow the path from Kria Vathra further up, you reach five more pools. The first one comes in about 10 minutes easy footpath. The next 4 pools are also easily accessible, the last difficult. From the parking lot to the sixth pool you need about 1 hour.

July 2023
The Pools are mainly nude but older couples may feel a little out of place with the steep climbs and younger alternative visitors. Quite shallow and crowded, the Fonias pools are better but nudity is less common on busy days.

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