Lemnos has about a hundred beaches which are scattered all over the island! Most of these beaches are good and fairly large clean sandy beaches with clear water. Many of them are good for nudism except in the time from End of July to 15th of August, when many Greek families from Athens and the mainland visit their former villages. Limnos has missed, as yet, the tourist boom, and Frewin Poffley says that the island culture now sadly lacking elsewhere has survived here. Evidently there are also some beautiful beaches, but as yet the Captain has received few reports of nudism there.



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This lovely (sand and pebbles) beach is approximately 7 kms north of the capital Myrina. From Myrina go north to Kaspakas village, then down to Ayios Yiannis beach, then north by the beach road, all the way to the cafe under the rock. Continue for 1.5 kms on the dirt road (practically to the end of the road and backtrack 200 m) and turn towards the beach. You can drive all the way to the beach, even though at a certain point there appears to be a gate closure.

The water is lovely and except on August 15th (presumably a feast day) the beach is mainly nudist. The South end is always textile-free.


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The right-hand end of Thanos beach is apparently traditionally 100% nudist - but a report from August 2007 says there were many textile swimmers there. Given that the beach is so long it is a shame that textiles can't leave a bit of space for us nudists.


Kokkina Beach is one of the most isolated beaches in Lemnos, located 11 km south of Myrina near the Cape of Fakos in Kondias Bay, has barely tourism and is not easily accessible. Fakos is an ecological park. At the end of Kondias bay is the Beach of Diapori where dining options are available. From Diapori you have to take a 7 km long gravel road to the beach of Kokkina. The location is ideal for long hours of peaceful sunbathing and especially favoured by nudist swimmers. Although the road to the beach is a bit difficult, it's worth a try for those who avoid crowds. The fine reddish sand and turquoise water in combination with the wild landscape is quite intriguing.

Ag. Joannis Beach, Aliki Beach, Sfounos Beach, Panagia Beach

They all line up the coast from Kalliopi village up to the village Plaka. All are little frequented because they are not easily accessible and therefore popular as naturist beaches.

Agios Ermolaos Beach

This quiet and partly rocky beach is known for its breathtaking barren landscape and is located near the village Propouli. North of Propouli there are a whole series of bays surrounded by magnificent nature. Not all are easy reachable, but by going on a “discovery tour” you will enjoy unforgettable lonely bizarre landscapes. Because nothing is signposted and good maps hardly available (because of military reasons) its advisable to check the landscape on Google Earth before going there. Because of their loneliness all are good places for naturism.

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