In Epirus (west of Greece) the Captain hears there is a coastline of about 70 Km, where you can find uncrowded beaches and go nude.

In order North to South


near Syvota


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Summer 2014: in the north of Syvota, near the beach "DEH", to the north side is another small beach. Go through a path. At the end is a rope to assist in descending; the beach is for nudists. On the north side of this beach, there is a horizontal slab where you can do naturism with more privacy.

Coming from Plataria, about 500 metres before the village there is a sign for right tο the beach (in order): French, Zeri, and DEH. DEH is the furthest so leave the car there in the shade of the trees. It is organized and has a canteen. At the northern end of DEH there is a path to leading to the small beach: 5 minutes walk. At one point there's a fork. Left leads to the beach. Then the rope. It's not very difficult to access, but most people stay in DEH. The beach is fairly quiet (one, two campers and some swimmers from the DEH).

Now … On the path if you do not go left (to the beach) and continue for 5 minutes you will find the slabs that are to the right of the beach. There is a small grove and the sea is here about 15 metres below. The view is amazing. There are physical steps to descend to sea level. The slabs are smooth at various altitudes. You can dive from half a metre up to 5 metres. The sea depth is around 4-5 metres.

On the slabs you can go too, swimming from the small beach. Nearby there is a nice reef.



Mikro Drafi

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1 hour's walk south of town (5 minute drive). Wonderful little pebble beach in the bend of the road, you have to 'climb' down just north of the concrete waterway under the road. In early season and autumn very quiet, few visitors, mostly nude. Plastic (as on all the beaches) is cleaned up by locals. Lovely campsite at only one mile - where nudism on the beach was accepted when we were there (probably the Italian crowd in summer won't like it all that much). Good swimming!


Summer 2012, beach still remains somewhat nude-friendly but many onlookers from the adjoining beach (separated by a large rock formation). At times 100% textile, other times 100% naturist. Mostly men, some families and couples. Small beach so no more than 10-12 people fit there maximum. Depends who gets there first.

September 2014: Still remains nude-friendly. only one family and a single man.


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Sarakiniko is about 2 km north of Parga on the mainland, there are water taxis from Parga. If it is quiet there is the possibility of nude bathing and sun soaking. In September 2013 we were able to strip off for beach tennis at the north end for a couple of hours. As a few families joined us we took the opportunity to be more discreet, but no objections had been made.

Sept 2014: Beach umbrellas everywhere and crowded with textile folks. Convivial atmosphere with live traditional music at the two tavernas but no opportunity to strip down.


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Lichnos is about 2 km south of Parga on the mainland, there are water taxis from Parga, or it's a 1 hour walk for the reasonably mobile.

There is a large sandy beach, at the southern end there is a small area of pebbly beach used by a small number of nudists. Clean with good swimming. 3-4 tavernas, all with reasonable prices. The beach ends here so not many walkers, the few locals who fish ignore you.

A barefooter who visited in 2009 can hardly imagine nude bathing is possible here. The beach was quite crowded (even though the big hotel was practically deserted) and nobody was nude.

Summer 2012, no possibility of naturism here.

May 2014, I guess it depends on when you holiday here. Lichnos (south beach) was very close to our accommodation and we spend many restful evenings, nude sunbathing, splashing, playing tennis and frisby fun here. Lovely place.



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Driving to Parga, turn left at the sign "to Riza beach". Going down the hill, turn left at the first junction you will find and drive until you reach the beach (about 5-10 minutes), veering left at the Y junction and taking the right turn signposted Villa Riza (in Greek letters). The left part of the beach is suitable for naturists.

A Barefooter who visited in August 2006 found this beach by chance. It's in a beautiful setting with sheltered cove and large rocks framing the sandy beach. Very nice and clean sea, crystal clear and cool water. The sea floor is sandy and further in rocky (large rocks). The site is suitable for free-camping and snorkelling. The access is good: a paved road all the way to the beach.

There were 5 other tourists and a free-camper. That was one of the best beaches my contributor had ever visited in Greece and he warmly recommends this beach to everyone! He rates it 100%.

Summer 2012, still remains as the previous contributors mentioned. Occasional couples, mostly single men, sometimes textile families and single women.

September 2014: the left side of the beach still remains nude-friendly.

July 2015: This contributor visited the beach and found about five other naturists there. The beach is indeed beautifully located with some impressive rock formations some twenty metres from the shore, sheltering the beach from waves.
However, there was quite a lot of seaweed at the beach itself and littering seems to be a general problem on Greek beaches, unfortunately. Would rate this beach an 8 out of 10.

Agia Pelagia

Beyond the left side of Artolithia, or to the south of this beach if you like, is another beach known as Agia Pelagia or Lefka. The beach is reached by the same route as Artolithia, except not taking the final turn right. The northern-most side of this beach is nude-friendly. Very large sandy beach and clear water. See on Google Maps

July 2015: A contributor visited this beach and found it deserted. It's more easily accessible as you can drive and park some fifty metres from the beach, but Artolithia is by far more beautiful.

September 2016: There were usually four or five people on this beach, with no clear naturist area, but the beach is so long that it is easy to find a discreet spot.


Kanali Beach (near Preveza)

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Leaving from Preveza, about 10 km on the way to Igoumenitsa you will find a camping site called Monólithi and shortly thereafter the hotel Kanali on the right. At that point there is an interchange. You turn left and after 100m distance you turn left again and park at the Mango Beach Club.

When reaching the beach, you walk left on the sand for about 3-5 minutes. Usually there're not more than 10 people, 90% of them nude, single males and couples. It's a pebble beach with clear and deep water and with some impressive cliffs as a backdrop.

Summer 2012, large cafeteria with beach umbrellas right before you get to the beach. May inhibit some naturists, since there is a lot of "passers-by". The naturist crowd is mostly men, with the occasional couples and single females.

Summer 2015 The cafeteria has now been transformed into the vibrant Mango Beach Club, but that hasn't stopped the above mentioned stretch of beach from being clothing optional. This visitor was on the beach on a Sunday in July and found both couples and single males enjoying the clear water au naturel.

The beach is sometimes referred to as Monólithos, which is also the name of the camping site just south of this beach.

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