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Zakynthos is very popular with package tourists, the vast majority textile, with predictable results. Some visitors who visit with naturism in mind come away disappointed. However there are several beaches with plenty of naturist fans, although no guarantees that nudism is available in high season. Most of these beaches are around the Gulf of Laganas, set into the south end of the island.

Some Barefoot reporters suggest that some of the best beaches on Z cannot be reached by land. It's an idea to hire a boat and explore these, together with the tiny islands that surround Zakynthos.

Here the beaches are listed in clockwise order starting from Zakinthos Town

[dafni beach]

Dafni vasilikos

[37.716818, 20.964040]

To reach this beach by car you drive the road eastward from Argassi, after about 6-8 km and after passing a nice taverna, very nicely situated high over the sea, turn to the right up for a hill, marked Dahfni beach (very hard to detect). If you miss that way, after another two km there is another way to the right marked Melia beach. The road to Dafni has been levelled and concrete and stone added in places but the road to Melia is still rough.

The first road over from Argassi end is now well signposted (also to the Turtle Exhibition Centre - well worth a look) and not too bad, even on a scooter, but be careful where you park, as some of the taverna owners may be a bit insistent on you spending money with them if you park in 'their carpark'. Both routes to the beach, signposted on the right of the main road from Argassi to Gerakas, end up at the same location and you can park at the Tavernas on the beach front. Note you cannot drive from one side of the car park to the other route. The first turn-off is OK, the second passes through very steep and scary inclines but does get nearer to Melia. Park the car and walk eastward along the beach around the hedge about 300 metres away. There is a wonderful beach just under very wild and high cliffs. You still have to walk round the cliff face to get to the beach at Melia. The beach is very little populated and the bathing is wonderful. It is quite narrow with a limited number of sandy areas, at most points you have to walk through stones and rocks while entering the sea.

Views are breathtaking, and it's a clothes-optional beach on the left when you reach the car park. To the right are the bars, etc. The beach itself attracts families, couples and single men, sometimes in groups. It's relaxed and unthreatening, very narrow with little shade, and nowhere to throw rubbish. A long walk to get a drink. Be careful about spiking umbrellas in sand, as it's a turtle nesting beach, and spikes can damage nests (see Note from the Captain).

Recent reports

July - The end of the nudist beach is for swingers …
. I used to go there with my wife 'n every day there was “action”. Great place for such activities…..


For those who love to have more PRIVACY,Walking 200 meters further the left end of the nudist beach you may find this “Gem”
You may find shadow under the trees,ideal place for snorkeling and erotic activities!

37.716818, 20.964040


give yourself a mudbath!
Take an empty water bottle. Cut off the top and take some seawater. Then dissolve some of the clay rocks for about 20 minutes and smear it all over your body. Let it dry and scrub it off. Then plunge into the sea. You will feel the difference on your skin.

There is plenty of clay at the end of the nudist beach into a small canyon which is there…..

June - Lovely place! Shaded spots,rich bottom-ideal for snorkelling and secluded! Me and my wife visited this place many times,sharing the secluded beach with two other couples and a handsome local guy….!All nude of course! Just have in mind to have drinking water with you….Perfect place to spot n see caretta caretta turtles , cause any kind of boat is restricted to this area due to marine park , which makes the place more secluded!

May - We visit this “heaven” every summer! My wife loves it! We have met many other couples there all around europe trough the years…!Magnificent view of Peluzo island and the official nudist beach as well…It worths to find the courage and walk 200 meters further the end of the official nudist beach….its a little bit difficult to walk there because there are small stones everywhere but too difficult…Definitely the best place to see many turtles!And plenty of shadow,too!

August - Finally,we found the solution to isolate from annoying gay men…Ideal beach to stay the whole day and finally see the magnificent sunset! no textiles passing by as well….!


37.737171, 20.915543


Vrodonero beach next to Cristal Hotel in Kalamaki is a fantastic beach with black sand and crystal clear waters and natural drinking water springs at the left end of the beach!Seperated by big rocks its the Heaven for GAY men.Used to be a nudist beach for many tourists but the last decade its crowded 90% from gay men…It is said that many sexual games take place there….For sure,not a place for families.

June - We are a gay male couple and we visited vrodonero beach in june 2020.Great beach without rubbish! Clear water and black sand!we were visiting the beach every day and there were about 30-40 gay men there everyday! What a place ;)

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