Lefkas aka Lefkada/Lefkatha

Greeks call it Lefkatha (stress on the first "a"; "th" pronounced like in "that"), Lefkas being somewhat archaic. In English it's often translated as Lefkada.

The Captain hears that the entire west coast of this island offers an opportunity for the naturist to indulge. It is very long and going as far South as possible took you away from any crowds. However, it looks as if development is threatening it. The eastern part of the island was rather too populous and there didn't seem to be any traditional naturist sites. There is a lot of coastline only accessible by boat or brave motor travellers and so there may be possibilities here. However, our [original] correspondents were supposed to be learning to sail so didn't explore these possibilities!


BEACHES NORTH TO SOUTH (all on the West coast except the last one)

Aghios Ioannis

See on Google Maps


Barefooters who visited in June 2004 report that this beach is about 2 km from Lefkas Town on the northern tip of the west coast. Whilst not as dramatic or beautiful as the other west coast beaches its access is easier and quicker. The beach is popular with windsurfers and kite surfers and the breeze does pick up during the afternoon. This is centred on the southern part of the beach.

My reporters spent a couple of afternoons at the northern end (beyond the windmills) on a quiet stretch. The other occupants were all nude. This was midweek, at the weekend the beach was full of locals and 100% textile. In summary, worth a visit for a couple of hours if you are too lazy to go further (or walking from Levkas town) and it's midweek. The water was clean, the beach a mix of sand and shingle. It rated 80%.

Recent reports

April: We drove the entire length of the road adjacent to the dunes but all the tracks leading through the dunes to the beach had barriers or no entry signs. Not sure if these tracks lead to the car park referred to in the September 2010 report, or if these access restrictions are permanent, but it seems off-road parking may now be limited. We were able to park in a layby just south of Orlof’s Windmill

Unfortunately overcast and windy when we visited at the end of the month hence beach empty and too chilly to strip off. Looks a promising location though.


There is a beach bar/taverna at Orlof’s Windmill (the only one with arms for sails)

Gialou Skala / Tsoukalides

See Gialou Skala Beach on Google Maps

Barefooters also "found a very small beach at Gialou Skala down a paved road from the village of Tsoukalides which was 100% deserted when we got there and 100% deserted still when we left 4 hours later, sandy, felt very comfortable".

May / June 2016: Gialou Skala is located exactly as described above. It does come with its share of single men who gawk at naked women and show their erect cocks a bit too often (I mean every man gets an erection now and then, but you hide it, not flaunt it). The beach is quite small with large rocks in the water. Not very comfortable getting through the surf. On weekdays you get the beach all to yourself if you are lucky.


See Pefkoulia Beach on Google Maps


Pefkoulia beach is located about 2 km north of the village of Aghios Nikitas. If you come from Aghios Nikitas village, turn to the left at the "Cafe" sign and park beside the taverna. It is a very long beach split into two sections by rocks over which there is a pathway. There is a taverna on the southern part and this part is completely textile. The nudist part is the northern one over the rocks. In the above photo the taverna can be seen on the right. The dark area of water on the shoreline just beyond the taverna marks the outcrop of rocks separating the textile and nudist parts of the beach.

Approaching from the north, 2km before reaching Ag Nikitas, just follow the route for Pefkoulia beach. When you reach the taverna, go right and cross the small bridge. After crossing a small path (100m) you will reach Pefkoulia beach.

It's a nice beach, with soft sand, shade under the nearby pine trees and rates 90%.

Where you park your car, there is a beach bar with sunbeds-umbrellas and even rooms to rent! A lot of people there too but the beach is very long and most of them stay close to the bar and the sunbeds. As you walk away from the beach bar, you see many free campers under the pine trees and, according to a report from August 2006, nudism varies from 2% close to the bar, to 100% as you walk to the north end of the beach. Long nude walks are said to be possible at this end of the beach. In August 2004 there were 50 or so tents on the beach.


At the very end of the beach (north), just before the rocks closing the beach, there is a wonderful area, under the pine trees (on some maps also called Pefkoulia beach), made by an Austrian couple in around 1998, and maintained every summer (the Captain's contributor carries out the maintenance). Shade, flat areas for camping or siesta, ideal place for the hot days. But we are warned there is an extremely high risk of fire, so please avoid smoking.

Of the people who use this area over 90% are nude and the vast majority of these are locals. The busiest time of the day is between 2-5 pm with over 80 users in June-July 2001 and about 50-60 people largely Greek in September and October 2001. The area traditionally used by nudists seemed to have a pretty even split of nudists and textiles and both groups existed in harmony, according to a report from August 2004.

If visiting in the latter two weeks of October is is advisable to take refreshments etc, as the two tavernas are usually closed at this time of year.

This beach consists of coarse sand; the great advantage is especially later in the year it is sheltered from the wind by the mountains so it really is quite warm. Of course the same mountains provide shade in the summer should you require.


In August 2004 a large number of people had taken to using the large rocks that separate the beach as a launch point for motorised hang gliding.

Barefooters found this beach a naturist's paradise in August 2007. Nice light-coloured sand, not too crowded.

Due to the large crowds I would advise anyone visiting the beach in peak season to take along their own food and water. One pair of Barefooters had to wait 2 hours to obtain food at the taverna. Of course the same advice applies out of season when the taverna is closed.

Barefoot reporters were there in the first two weeks of June 2007. During this time the number of tourists increased gradually and so did the number of textiles. But anyhow, walking from the restaurant brings you in less than 10 minutes to a mixed zone of textiles and naturists (50/50). Beyond this zone it is mostly naturist beach enabling to allow long walks northwards. It is funny to see how some "lost" naturists lie between many textiles on a Sunday when the beach is very crowded. But still very relaxed.

Visitors in 2010 first passed the beach without noticing it. The name Pefkoulia is not mentioned anywhere (or just very difficult to find). Past the taverna the beach quickly changes from textile to textile + a few nude bathers. Walk another 100m along the beach and you'll find that all people around you are in the nude. It may well be the busiest nude beach at Lefkas, with camping people on the hill behind the beach. The beach is mostly sand with a few bigger rocks in the sea. Not as many insects as on other beaches (like Kathisma) in 2010.

Recent reports

August: We visited this beach on a workday afternoon. The naturist part is at the north - if it ever started just at the rocks splitting the beach into two (close to the taverna), now it starts about 500 m to the north. As written, it's a sandy beach and if you go down into the water, it starts to be a pebble one, with quite big pebbles and a few rocks on the north side. When we were there, there were some waves so getting into the sea was not that easy. But still very very nice beach.

The south part is 100% textile, then topless girls and nudists start to appear (singles, couples, families) and the concentration of nudist is 100% at the north side. But the far north is obviously a gay beach. Altogether about 30 nudists that afternoon.

Many people are wild camping in the tents above the beach, had we had more time we would have spent there a night as well, it's really a nice place.

Milos Beach

See Milos Beach on Google Maps

Located just over the hill south of Aghios Nikitas village, this beach is, together with Egremni, absolutely the best nudist beach on Lefkas (though it must be said many reports say exactly this about different Lefkas beaches). The sand is excellent although composed of fairly sizeable grains, and there is sand also on the sea bed. The setting is beautiful and the beach is large. My contributors estimated that about 75-80% were nude, mainly at the northern end. If you are not sure where to lay down, try one of the ends. At the southern end it is possible to get shade in some caves.


Apart from the taxi-boat from Aghios Nikitas, the only other way to the beach from land is by way of a footpath over the hill from Aghios Nikitas.
The path begins on a stairway just to the right of a restaurant called "Milos Restaurant" and is highly recommended for its beautiful views (see photo on the left).

Nudity is very acceptable (the Taxi boat drops you away from the nudists to be discreet).

The beach is well known & accepted by locals and the busiest time is from 2pm onwards, although this is an overstatement because you are at least 50 feet from the next people.

The beach can also be reached by 2 taxi boats, the "Express Milos" taking only 3 mins from Aghios Nikitas (cost 3 Euro return). The second (slower) boat carries on to visit the north end of Kathisma Beach. There are no umbrellas and no taverna, so be sure to have enough food and water. A new road, on which work commenced in 2000, stops at the top of a hill where a new cellphone antenna was erected. This road does not lead to the beach. The Captain understands there are still no plans for a road down to the beach (July 2018).

Most people nude although a few textiles around the northern end but didn't appear to be an issue for anyone.

My contributor did not feel he could give it anything but 100%!


Recent reports


May: In our opinion Milos Beach is one of the best nudist beaches in Lefkas. It is fairly easy to access although the pedestrianised main street in Agios Nikitas makes it necessary to park a little further away. There were few spaces left close to the end of the main street but parking wasn’t a problem. We parked near the cemetery from where a good paved footpath cuts through to the main street See on Google Maps . The footpath and steps from the main street over the headland to Milos are as described above. It is a bit of a climb but not too arduous although on a hot day no doubt more demanding.

On the way up there are lovely views back over Agios Nikitos beach across to Pefkoulia.


And on the way down inviting views over the white beach and turquoise sea at Milos.


There were around ten people on the beach, mainly at the textile northern end. There was just one single male naturist in the centre of the beach and us but the low naturist proportion may have been because it was cloudy and a bit cool. The beach is mostly very small pebbles which are comfortable to sit on and the central area is backed by some small sand dunes.

We went beyond the rock outcrop to the more secluded southern end of the beach. There was one textile couple and a single male there but they were not at all bothered by us and we enjoyed a skinny dip. The same small pebbles continue beneath the waterline with the sea bed shelving moderately. Getting in and out of the water wasn’t too difficult in bare feet although wet shoes may be preferred.


All in all a very lovely beach and confirmed as still naturist friendly.

June: Very nice and scenic beach, also the hike is worth it as it offers perfect views. Sadly on our visit only about 10-15 nudists at the leftmost part of the beach. Nevertheless Milos is a must when visiting Lefkada.



See Kathisma on Google Maps


This is a very long beach with several coves located south of Milos beach. If you want to be alone in your own cove this might be your choice. The sand is rather coarse and there is a lot of shingle. The beach can be reached from both ends. To reach the northern end turn off from the way between Aghios Nikitas and Kalamitsi. The signpost reads "Kathisma beach". The main beach is textile with a taverna at each end. Park at the southern taverna (Akroyiali), where you will be able to shower on your return, walk past a low rocky headland and you reach the nudist part. It is best to walk along the shore line as the path at the back of the beach is crumbling away in parts and is becoming dangerous.


A report from September 2001 says that south of the sunbeds, past the first rocks, were mixed naturist and textile. Another report from July 2002 reported 100% nudism and rated the beach 100% too! In July 2004 it was always a good mix of textile and non - usually more non than clothed, and described as a wonderful beach. Unfortunately a report from August 2006 reported no nudism, and families where the nudists ought to be. (Hopefully this is just the peak season variation.)

Barefooters who visited in June 2004 loved it for its beauty and convenience. Having a taverna to retreat to for lunch just a 2 minute walk away was great.

Whilst there were some nudists just the other side of the taverna, as the beach was quiet my reporters went beyond the rocky outcrop. First day was lovely, even when a party of textiles turned up for a swim - they just ignored us and carried on. They left after less than an hour - maybe they felt uncomfortable being textiles…..

The third section of the beach is the best for swimming (more sand) although the very far end was littered with winter storm debris and some tar.
The road at the back of this section of beach had collapsed. Beyond this it continues and provides access as mopeds arrived from the other direction.

A report from June 2007 says that if you start at the restaurant at the south side of the beach and start walking southwards, the beach becomes naturist surprisingly quickly; after perhaps 150 metres, with the restaurant very closely in sight. First there's a little beach (about 200 metres) and walking here is difficult because you sink down in the soft sand and pebbles. Then, after some big rocks the beach opens up to a practically deserted naturist beach. Walking here is easier.

A report from September 2009 says that the second and third beaches are totally nude and almost completely deserted. The first beach (with the taverns) is fully textile. These visitors returned in August 2010 and noticed that not much had changed. By now they found the road to the southern end of the beach, which makes access with a bit of luggage much easier. It is quite a drive from the main entrance, but it saves you a long walk and climb along the beach and over the rocks. In 2010 there were a lot of insects flying around the beach. Some stung quite badly, mostly targeting females. The beach was mostly deserted, with just 2-3 couples occupying the 500m (?) stretch. Sadly an Italian couple thought this was a good place to start their lovemaking, but this was a one-time occurrence, the rest of the two week holiday things were civilized.

Recent reports

April: The northern end and much of Kathisma beach is backed by tavernas and is 100% textile. However, nudism is accepted beyond the rocks at the southern end 38°46'20.7"N 20°35'54.7"E.


When we visited at the end of April there was just one other m/f naturist couple and a small group of textiles at the southernmost end.

Kathisma is a gently sloping gritty sand and pebble beach backed by high ground. The sand and small pebbles shelve gently for a few metres below the waterline but then there is a small drop onto larger smooth rocks and boulders. These can make entering and, even more so, exiting the water difficult, particularly if there is an onshore breeze whipping up waves. When we were there the waves were churning up the sand so water clarity was poor and not great for swimming but probably OK in calmer conditions.



See Gaidaros on Google Maps

In April and May 2019, Barefoot correspondents walked the coast from Kathisma beach 38°46'47.8"N 20°36'03.7"E" to Avali (Kalamitsi) beach 38°45'33.8"N 20°35'34.2"E and found a wonderful naturist beach between the two aforementioned beaches. Situated 1km northwest of the village of Kalamitsi, the beach is identified in many tourist guides as Gaidaros. It is quite possible some of the reports previously listed, above and below, under these other beach names may in fact refer to Gaidaros.

From the north Gaidaros can be reached on foot from the southern end of Kathisma beach or, from the direction of Avali (Kalamitsi) to the south, by road. The road runs parallel to the beach and is paved to 38°46'00.8"N 20°35'47.8"E and then a rough dirt track continues a further 0.6km to the southern end of Kathisma.

It is far less busy than neighbouring Kathisma and reputed to be a well-established naturist venue. In April / May our correspondents found it almost deserted and the few people on the beach were indeed mostly naturists. It is a lovely, gently sloping, gritty sand and pebble beach backed by high ground. There are no facilities on the beach but there are a couple of beach bars on the road behind. These appeared abandoned when our correspondents visited but it was early in the season.

Recent reports

April/May: Parking space along the paved road is a bit limited and we decided not to venture down the dirt track although it may be drivable with care or with a 4WD vehicle.

As we arrived a camper van arrived and parked up close to the end of the paved road. The two male occupants, wearing nothing more than back packs, and their dogs disembarked and nonchalantly walked along the road and down to the beach … confirmation if needed that Gaidaros is indeed popular with naturists!


Being a little more isolated, Gaidaros is better for naturists than neighbouring Kathisma and in our view is a much nicer beach. When we were there it was windy and the waves were churning up the sand so water clarity was poor and not great for swimming. Probably OK in calmer conditions though.


Traditional and unspoilt, Kalamitsi is one of the oldest villages in Lefkas. More info here Within a few kilometres of the village, on the west coast, are three beaches, two naturist friendly and one perhaps not. In previous Barefoot reports, and some tourist guides, they are sometimes individually or collectively known as Kalamitsi Beach but in fact it seems that none of these beaches are actually named as such. Starting from the northernmost beach, in anticlockwise order they are Avali, Kavalikefta and Megali Petra.

Recent reports

Unsure if there is an actual beach called Kalamitsi; perhaps this is just the name of the village and there are a few beaches you can reach from it, namely Avali, Kavalikefta & Megali Petra and based on the reports above, possibly the southern part of Kathisma.

As you leave Kalamitsi village and drive downhill on a narrow winding road, you reach a point where there are various signs (for beaches, beach bars, etc):

  • If you head right, you reach Avali beach and, continuing north, the southern part of Kathisma (based on reports under Kathisma).
  • If you head left, you reach a car park eventually, where you can pay and park your car. There is also a right bend of the downhill road, just before you reach the car park at the very end, where you can park (on street) and take the path to the beach (path visible on Google maps). If you reach the car park, you can also find a restaurant there and Kavalikefta beach. If you leave the restaurant behind you and walk further south past rocks, you reach Megali Petra beach.


See on Google Maps
In a straight line Avali is only 1km west of the village of Kalamitsi. However, by road it is 5km and furthest away of the three Kalamitsi beaches. The winding road is narrow and steep in places and perhaps because of this Avali beach is relatively quiet. Out of season likely to be deserted. There are no facilities on the beach but there is a Taverna near the northern end. The beach is coarse sand and pebbles. More info here

Recent reports

May: Repairs to the paved road following the 2015 earthquake appear to have been completed and we had no problem getting through. Even in our small 2WD car we didn’t find the drive as difficult as some reports suggest. That said, there were no other vehicles around and being narrow with relatively few passing places it is undoubtedly more difficult when the road is busier in peak season.

We only stopped briefly before continuing on to Gaidaros but the beach was empty and certainly this early in the year there would be no problem at all being naked. Good beach and much like neighbouring Gaidaros though not as long. As might be expected in such a quiet location, the taverna wasn’t open this early in the season.


See on Google Maps


Experience from June 2011: Do not stay at the textile beach just below the cantina. The nude part of the beach [Megali Petra] is located to the left (south) across the rocky ground. You have to walk by a barely visible footpath about 200 metres through the rocks, so you will need good shoes. But you will be greatly rewarded if you do. The beach [Megali Petra] is beautiful and 100% nude.

Kavalikefta is a wonderful beach which now (2014) has plenty of people wearing swimsuits. Many women are topless, but don't confuse topless with nude beach. When we arrived (early), at the first section of the beach there were about 60 bathers all wearing swimsuits. At the end of this section are the 5-6 spectacular rocks that you can go up (I don't suggest it). We decided to undress before these rocks. After us came a nudist family and another nudist couple and did the same. One hour later three nudist couples came at the beach just after Kavalikefta [Megali Petra], because this beach isn't visible from the main beach. Although we were few (12-15 nudist between more than 150 dressed people), the beach is wonderful, maybe better than Egremni. The place is touristy and a part of the dressed bathers who came to see the rocks, looked persistently at our private parts but who cares! So go there and keep the beach nudist! More info here

Recent reports

May: Repairs to road before the Avali turn off (see Kathisma September 2016 report) appear to have been completed and we had no problem getting through. Even in our small 2WD car we didn’t find the drive as difficult as some reports suggest. That said, there were no other vehicles around and being narrow with relatively few passing places it is undoubtedly more difficult when the road is busier in peak season.

The taverna wasn't open but work was underway to get it ready so it is probably opening soon. I walked along the shore from Megali Petra to the southern end of Kavalikefta. Even this early in the season there were a few groups of people on the beach… 100% textile so I didn't feel comfortable to venture further and returned to Megali Petra.

Megali Petra

See on Google Maps


Further south after the big fallen rock is Megali Petra (big stone in Greek). You can go there following a path, 300m long before the last turn of Megali Petra road - not easy if you wear sandals.

A Barefoot reporter who called here in 2004 says it might be one of the best places he has ever visited. It's on the west side of the island. Follow the signs to the Kalamitsi village and then follow the sign "to the beach". After 4 kilometres of a very narrow road, park the car just one turn before the end of this road. You will see a dirt path on your left side. Walk down the path until you reach the beach after a 10 minutes walk. Be aware it's a difficult path especially during your return. Don't forget to bring water, food or anything else you might need, since there is nothing you will find on this beach except nature.

Reaching the beach will reward you. Crystal clear water, blue-green, fantastic scenery all around. The beach is divided in 3-4 segments by rocks, but you can reach every part of it walking. We saw more than 50 people there, all naturists and one free camper. Free camping there is not advised because of the path I mentioned above. A superb beach. My reporter rates it 100%. More info here

Recent reports

May: Megali Petra can be accessed by walking along the shore, through the rocks, from Kavalikefta beach or by a short track and narrow footpath from the road above 38°45'12.5"N 20°35'22.4"E, which is an easy and very pleasant short walk.


A very scenic location backed by high, steep, tree covered slopes.


Just one other m/f couple on the beach when we arrived. She was skinny dipping but he kept his trunks on. Later in the afternoon they left and then two textile m/f couples arrived. They were not at all bothered by us being naked.

The beach is white coarse sand and pebbles and slopes fairly gently to the waterline and beyond. There was no noticeable current and the sea is great for swimming. Wet shoes are not needed but as there are some small banks of pebbles where the waves break they do make getting out of the water a little easier. Even though it was partly cloudy, the sea was a beautiful turquoise colour and must be amazing on a sunny day. At either end of the beach there are a number of large rocks with sandy areas in-between. Great for a little privacy and for shelter from wind and sun.


I took a long, naked walk to and beyond the large rocks at the southern end of the beach and found a further completely empty stretch of the same coarse sand and pebbles and turquoise sea. There may be further beaches beyond that would be even more secluded and well worth exploring.
June: In the beginning the beach was a 50:50 mix of clothed and nude bathers. Behind the big Rock nearly 100% nude. If you walk further south you can find a stretch of beach for your own.


See on Google Maps


Gialos beach is a very long beach to the north of Egremni. You reach it from the village Athani by a winding way down that leads to the northern end of the beach. Nudism is practised on the southern part of the beach which is also the best. Here long nude walks are possible although the sand tends to be coarser at the southern end.

It's really a beach for nudists and has very easy access by car even [though] the road is very curvy and narrow and quite difficult driving. Take the road down to the beach and turn south to the dirt road until you reach the end, and park on the top of a small hill. The road down is very steep, 300m from the top - scary for some…

From there and to the south the beach is completely nude. Just few nudist couples and a very long beach just for you. There is no shade and you may find some tar. There are 2 cantinas at the end of the asphalt road. My July 2001 contributors think it's the best nudist beach in Lefkas. A report from September 2001 described this as a beautiful beach, with 50/50 naturists to textiles.

A report from July 2004 described Gialos as the best beach on Lefkas. The south part was almost 100% nude, only couples.

More info here

Recent reports

May: Access to Gialos beach by land was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 but the good news is that, although the road closed sign is still in place, the road has now been repaired and is definitely open. However, when we visited several parts of the road were covered in loose shale and dried mud from recent rockfalls. This significantly impairs traction and increases the risk of skidding, particularly after rainfall and going uphill, so care is needed. To be safe and to avoid the risk of damaging the car we had to move to the wrong side of the road in several places. Some minor work seems to be ongoing and maybe the debris will be cleaned up before long.


Lovely long white pebble and coarse sand beach.

Just one person (textile) and their dog on the entire beach while we were there so no problem being naked.


Overturned fridges and its general poor state of repair suggest that the taverna remains abandoned but with land access restored maybe it will reopen.

June: A small cantine with some sunbeds and only textiles near to the parking area. Some Caravans and wild campers in the following 200m. Some nudist on the rest of the very long beach, very relaxed athmosphere.


See Egremni on Google Maps

This is a beautiful large beach with excellent sand under impressive (and crumbling) cliffs. From the parking area take a 50 metre path to a cantina. From there the stair begins all the way down to the beach, at least 300 steps. It's easy to go down (though the last part is not for anyone with vertigo), but when you want to climb back carrying your load you will probably work up a bit of a sweat. Anyway the beach is nice and nudism is practised at the southern part. A report from June 2001 confirms that the beach was almost completely nude - and quiet - after say 4 pm, as all the 'day-tourists' go on again (and the remaining ones try for the first time how naturism feels…)


A report from June 2003 describes this as probably the best of the beaches on the west coast, dirt road in good condition, private parking place (possible free parking in front of gate), 430 steps down to the beach (my contributor evidently counted them!), sand, around 50-60 people on 1-km-long beach, 80% naturist.

Some Barefoot reporters think Egremni is the very best beach on Lefkas (there seem to be several candidates for this honour, however). Barefooters who visited in July 2004 said the 355 stairs down to the beach are not the problem. Going up is. It's a good idea is to stop at the top and admire the view from the cafe. Cold drinks are served at the bottom on the beach as well. Taking your own beverages is a good idea.

The south side is the naturist part of the beach. Sometimes there were textile visitors, but the mixture on the south side was 97% nude and 3% textile. A good mixture of visitors, couples, families and singles. Age mixture also very good. Relaxed atmosphere. Not crowded. Lots of parking places, the ones nearest to the stairs cost 3 euros/day. My contributors warmly recommend this beach to everyone!

More info here

Recent reports

May: The beach remains inaccessible from land, due to damage from the earthquake in 2015 and the only way of reaching the beach is still by boat.


Sadly all we could do was look at the beach from above!


The good news is that repairs are underway and hopefully it will soon be possible to easily get to this beautiful beach once again.

Porto Katsiki

See Google Map.


The beach is cut into two parts by big stones that have fallen down. The northern part is now textile and although earlier reports said that the rather small southern part behind the stones is nude, reports from July 2001 suggest no nudism there any more. What's more, the southern end is in shade until lunchtime. You reach the beach by steps cut in the hillside, beginning at a taverna. A report from July 2005 confirms no nudism. Reports from 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 (returning naturists) further confirm. The most beautiful beach of Lefkas no longer has a nude section.

The bridge you see on the left in the top photo, is now destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.


More info here

Recent reports

May: Possibly the most dramatically scenic beach on Lefkas but sadly not naturist friendly. Even when we visited on a dull and wet day early in the month, though few in number, there was a constant stream of tourists visiting the beach.


No signs of any repairs to the bridge across to the headland at the northern end of the beach that was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.


See on Google Maps

A contributor who visited the island's eastern coast in September 2016 sent a report about a pebbly beach he found on the small peninsula south of Nydri. The beach is accessible by car via an unpaved road. Follow the road signs to Desimi beach, but turn left when the road starts to descend to Desimi.
Visiting this beach twice, my contributor shared it with two fellow nudists and a textile/topless couple. Even though this beach is not as spectacular as the beaches on the western coast, it may be a convenient option for travellers staying in the Nydri area, and it rewards its visitors with a beautiful view to Scorpios island.


Recent reports

May: The beach is accessible by an unmade road and the presence of an ordinary saloon car almost on the beach is testimony to it being driveable.


However, whilst most of the track is not too bad, the last 100m is very rough and we wouldn't recommend attempting it in anything other than a 4WD.


Best to park a little further back and walk the last bit. The dirt track branches and widens at 38°40'35.1"N 20°43'00.3"E and we found this to be a convenient place to park although it would be possible to get closer to the beach before the track deteriorates too badly.

Ellomeni is a secluded, picturesque, but rather small, pebble beach. Being in a fairly sheltered location, compared to west coast beaches, the sea is flat and the water crystal clear. This makes it much better than the beaches on the other side of the island for swimming and snorkelling. The main disadvantage is that the pebbles are rather uncomfortable to sit on. The seabed shelves gently but within a few metres of the beach the pebbles become much larger so entering the water is uncomfortable and wet shoes are advisable. A little further out there are some patches of the seabed that are sandy.


When we arrived only the saloon car occupants, 2 textile m/f couples, were on the beach. They were unperturbed when we stripped off. They left later in the afternoon and a single male naturist arrived.

Some villas are being built near to where we parked and this could increase usage of the beach by textiles so do visit this little gem on the east coast and help keep it naturist friendly.

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