aka Kerkyra

A heavily developed island but with a car (and outside the peak season) Barefooters have found plenty of attractive beaches where they were able to be naked without feeling uncomfortable. This would be impossible in the main resorts. The West coast would seem to attract the German tourists who appear to have a more positive attitude to nudism than the average British package tourist.

Development continues apace, something that unfortunately encourages the textile invasion, and the fact that beaches below are described as having been used by nudists does not mean that they necessarily still are.

I should say that although some of my contributors have been delighted by some of the nude beaches they have found, others have been less enthusiastic. A Norwegian couple who visited in June 2001 found the beaches difficult to reach with public transport and did not recommend the island for other naturists. [There may have been some improvements since then.]


The first three beaches, Acharavi, Almyros and Spiridon are in fact all parts of the same stretch of coast and all can be reached from both sides.


Although earlier reports found that discreet nude bathing was acceptable on this 3-miles-long beach, by June 2014 there were no opportunities for naturism on Acharavi beach: it was necessary to go to its eastern extension, Almyros beach.

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Almyros beach

See on Google Maps

Almyros beach is 45 km north of the island capital of Kerkyra next to the tourist resort/village of Acharavi. It is the eastern end of an 8 km long sandy beach. The easternmost part is gay. The nudist beach starts to the east of George's Beach tavern. (For those with transport, George's Bar is on the back-of-beach road and can be reached by turning off the main road at the sign "Almiros Beach". When on the side road, turn left, then right.) Accomodation in Acharavi, 3 km distance. The beach is very open, there were only a few people; in June 2014 there were always some naturists there, but access to the sea is over slippery flat rocks.

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Agios Spiridon

See on Google Maps

Reports reach me of another beach nearby. If you drive to the beach at Agios Spiridon continue right to the end, there is a small bridge, cross the bridge, then after 2-300m of dirt track there is a crossroad, turn right, this will take you right onto the beach. On Google Maps this is named as Gialiskari beach. On the left of the beach are some trees which give wonderful shade. The beach is used by locals who were very tolerant of the naturists who tended to stay near the tree end. My contributors actually went there on a Sunday and had no problems even though there were a lot of locals. There is also a good restaurant and takeaway snack place at Agios Spiridon. The secret is to get there first to get the best spot (maybe a place under the trees) and to ward off anyone who doesn't want to share the beach with us nudists!


Comments of a different user: I went to the above mentioned beach in August 2010. As far as nudity is concerned: just forget it. But don't be disappointed. There is a naturist beach, just a bit farther away. And it is beautiful. Excellent sand, not so fine, more like rice. The waters are among the warmest on the island and ideal for those who want to swim. The sunsets are fantastic. Because of the humidity, the sun often disappears in an orgy of colours before reaching the horizon.

Both photos in this section are from there. Here is how you get there: After crossing the bridge at the end of Ag. Spyridon, continue and don't turn right at the next crossing as advised above. The road will take you through a little forest and end at another naturist beach, Antinioti West Beach. You are now bathing at the northernmost point of the island. I don't know the name of the beach but somehow it has inherited the name Ag. Spyridon. On the other hand, the cape is called Akra Ag. Aikaterini.

These beaches can also be reached from Almyros Beach: at the east end of the beach cross the small bridge across a tiny river. The bridge is not suitable for cars. After the bridge there is a network of tracks and the two small beaches can be found. Several times my correspondent saw only clothed people there but at other times there were naturists, possibly depending on who is there first. The first beach is quite open, the second one more secluded and has some shade. To reach the second beach first some trees have to be passed, except for those trees this area is quite open.

It is best to go there by bicycle or scooter, it would be quite a long walk especially for the second beach.

We did visit this beach (Ag. Aikaterini). It's is a nude beach and very quiet. We were at most with 12 people there (July 2011). Of the three nudist beaches we found on Corfu, this was the calmest. Take care for the water because it goes deep very fast.


Tried to visit the beach but the road in the one end of the bridge had a big chuck-hole (pothole?), so our car could not cross it.
However a forum report in October says the small bridge has been repaired and is safe to use, please remember to take any rubbish to the bins on the main beach.

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Avlaki near Kassiopi

See East beach on Google Maps

Avlaki east beach is approximately 100m long, it is a clean pebble beach with nice clear water. To get to the beach there is a path at the far end of the car park leading into the trees. If you follow this path for about 3-5minutes, take care to avoid any tree roots and rocks. There are signs informing you that there is a nudist beach ahead.

The beach is normally quiet in the morning until around 12. The sea is normally calm, it is sheltered from the worst of the wind. The Sea is clear and warm, there are some rocks in the shallows that can be slippery under foot. There is some good snorkelling with plenty of fish to see.

You can get a few boats from Kassiopi coming over, the people do not normally come onto the beach and don't stay for too long.
The path that takes you to the beach continues to other beaches through the nature reserve, so there are a few hikers and people going to the other beaches.

An initial report from a correspondent in 2003. Going east out of Kassiopi follow a single file track through the woods for about 6 minutes, this beach was normally fairly private in July & August except for occasional pleasure cruisers. A second more secluded sand beach is found by walking from the far end of this beach through the woods for another couple of minutes. The beach was still in use for naturist bathing in September 2006. One 2006 report rated it a rare 100%!


Recent Reports:

September: Spent a few days going down to this beach. Over all it is a clean pebbly beach, there are a few more secluded small areas in between the rocks at the east side of the beach. At the very end there was a “Den” which was advertised for swingers!
The beach can get busy at the weekends, there was a wide variety of nationalities and age groups on the beach. Mostly mixed couples but there were a few male couples and a few single males.
There can be quite a few boats that come to the beach, there is a tourist boat that comes 2-3 times a week, but only stays for an hour or so.

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WEST COAST, North to South

Agios Stefanos (W)

N of Arillas

See on Google Maps

Now a big development which some think modern and rather bland. However, Barefooters describe a superb beach with nice clean sand and a small nudist area at a quiet end away from the organised section where the beach narrows and is backed by cliffs. My correspondent gave it a 90% rating. It can be reached by walking over cliff-tops from Arillas beach (spectacular views). Turn right over a small stream (northwards). Walk north past the sunbeds and umbrellas and the cliffs. It is a lovely long and wide beach with plenty of room for everybody. The very far end of the beach (just past a bungalow set in a gap in the cliffs) tended to be littered with remains of bonfires and is not to be recommended.

On arrival at the beach turn right, walk past all the sun beds laid in rows, when the cliff is behind you you will find the naturist area, plenty of single people, male & female all ages, families all enjoying their own space. Clean water, shallow and ideal for paddling & swimming.


Try a mud bath, as instructed in text panel under "Arillas".


Generally the beach becomes CO from where there is a little shack set back from the beach. From this point it was probably 75% naturist depending on time of day. In the afternoon the beach was practically empty. Beautiful to walk along the sand/surf for several hundred metres. Nice atmosphere with mix of couples and singles although right at the very end of the beach seemed to be only a few single men.
Various reporters thought this a lovely beach. One Barefooter thought it even nicer than Plakias on Crete, his previous favourite, which is certainly some rating.

We visited late August/early September 2011. As mentioned turn right when arriving at the beach & walk to the area beneath the cliffs. Very comfortable mix of couples & singles, & no more than 12 couples on the long stretch of beach when we visited. Only slight drawback is that as the naturist area is beneath the cliffs & is west facing, the sun was not on the beach until around noon. Still a wonderful beach on which to spend the afternoon.

There are ATM machines but they are private machines with poor exchange rates or they charge 3-4 Euros for their use.


recent reports

August 2020: We spent there Friday afternoon. Altogether there were about 20 naturists spread on really huge beach, but plenty of textiles were walking through the naturist beach there and back not respecting the naturists at all. Also many textiles settling down just next to the few naturists there, although they had long part of almost empty beach between the textile beach and this part. During the afternoon more and more textiles were coming and at the end we were the minority even at the "naturist" part of the beach.

The sea is very shallow - you need to walk about 150 m to be even able to swim. Arillas are much better … and Pefkoulia on Lefkada even much better.

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Arillas (Αρίλλας)

aka Arilas

See on Google Maps

The naturist part of Arillas beach is to the north, found by turning right when you arrive on the beach. Keep walking until there is a rocky outcrop, where you must wade in about 3ft of water around the rock. Then you will find the lovely naturist end of Arillas beach. The large rock forms a good boundary and helps to stop casual textiles from wandering along. There is also a walkway over the dunes on top of the cliffs. Much easier than the wading route. From the end of the road behind the textile beach there's a little drive and a small car parking area. From here continue in the same direction (sea on your left) along a well-worn path up to about 60 feet above the beach. Look for the little signs saying "this way to the (sign of a sun) beach". At the second one, turn back on yourself to the left and descend carefully. When you get down to the beach you can hire sunbeds/umbrellas at €3 and €2 each. NO refreshments there, so take water.

Beware of unstable cliffs, particularly just before the large rock. In 2006 a Barefooter saw a large section crash down onto the beach one morning; fortunately the beach was in shadow and no-one was under it. In 2010 another Barefooter reported three large landslides that occurred overnight, falling where people had been sunbathing the previous day; people would have had been killed if the slides had happened during the day. Same in 2017 in some parts of the beach, but the naturist area was safe.


The last 200/300 yards of beach is naturist. You can get there in about 5 minutes from the end of the beach road, where you can also park your car. It might be easier to stay on the south side when the tides and winds are high. Or if the sea is a bit wild, get nude before you pass the outcrop (most visitors do this).

Early reports said the beach felt very safe and relaxing; there was a whole mixture of people around, families, singles and couples as this beach is quite long and overcrowding was not a problem. My correspondent had never heard of this beach in any other publication/web site as a naturist beach and was quite impressed with it. Unfortunately there were no beach facilities but with only a short walk back to the shops and tavernas at Arillas it was not too much of a problem. As this area is used by naturists only it was kept clean and tidy.

One early report described Arillas as probably the best beach on the island for both naturist and textiles, some facilities now becoming available.

give yourself a mudbath!
Take an empty water bottle. Cut off the top and take some seawater. Then dissolve some of the clay rocks for about 20 minutes and smear it all over your body. Let it dry and scrub it off. Then plunge into the sea. You will feel the difference on your skin.

There are now some sunbeds when you first get on the beach, but just walk past them to the north to get to the naturist part. The beach going away from you on the right-hand side, past the sun beds, is all naturist and even in the height of season there was plenty of room, with many naturist families and couples. This end of the beach seemed not to be pestered with gawping textiles.

The beach is larger than Mirtiotissa but lacking its character.

Some contributors thought that both the beach and the resort lacked real character but they chose it for its ease of access. The beach is long and quite narrow and the naturist part is about four or five minutes walk north from the jetty. The sand is quite firm and is OK to push a buggy along it - several other families also did this. The sea is shallow for quite a long way out and the sand is excellent sandcastle material. Lots of Germans and Greeks and a few British couples - all very friendly. The beach did get a little crowded at times but not too bad. Overall - quite a good beach, most suited to families with kids and probably a good first-timers' beach.

There is a similar but wider beach at the southern end. It's a very difficult path down cliffs. If approached by beach, it does cover around high tide. This part is quieter.


The last part of the village beach on the north has a small area between the rocks, not visible from the rest of the beach, where you can strip off.

Arillas village

There are good access roads to Arillas and ample tavernas/restaurants 1 km from the naturist section. Arillas itself is a very quiet village with some very good tavernas. There are ATM machines but they are private machines with not good exchange rates or they charge 3-4 Euros for their use, although several places will exchange currency at a rate that matches UK rates.

There is no public bus service other than one that leaves early morning and returns at night, primarily for the locals. You can book coach trips to various places on the island at booking offices in town. For example, Corfu town: leave 09.30 / return 16.30 / €10 return; Paleocastritsa: €15 return.

Car hire is available.

For those who do not enjoy lager there is a brewery just outside the village that produces acceptable real ale. You can have a tour of the facilities if you want. Lots of the local tavernas and supermarkets stock this beer and it is very popular with the 11,000 resident Brits.


September 2023:
The North Beach was inaccessible due to high tides, unless you went via the footpath and approached it from the rear. This has been the situation all of this all season.
If you were hardy enough (some say foolhardy enough) to go via the footpath, when you get there is no sand only large stones.
No sand in the sea, only stones.

We used the South beach and even though there was less sand than normal, there was plenty of room for everybody. No stones in the sea.
No beds on this beach.

There was a little discontent as some naturists were spreading out as far the Gratsella area of the beach. Please respect those are offended by naturism

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Aghios Georgios (N)

S of Arillas

See on Google Maps

Approximately 11km north of Paliokastritsa by road. Now big developments all along the beach. The resort stretches for 2 miles with a rocky foreshore, however the north beach is superb. Previous reports suggested about 5 miles of sandy beach and dunes; after the first 1/2 mile it is about 80% naked with very few people. The south beach runs for 2 miles and backed by cliffs. It is only nude to the south by rock fall, but if you clamber over the rocks you have another 3 miles of beach again backed by cliffs and mostly populated by nudists. More recent reports suggest that development now covers most of the beach and no nudism is practised here.


Failed going there, Bennie's road at very bad situation (late June).


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A very large family resort spread around a number of pretty bays. Many bars, restaurants etc. Spectacular views over town from Lakones - no evidence of nudism whilst my correspondents were there.

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Ermones Beach

A small beach overlooked by large hotel with an unusual funicular railway which ran down to the beach. Tavernas etc. Pretty setting but all clothed.

Yes we were there in July 2011 (our Hotel was there). No CO beach. But walk along the bay (footpath) to the bay next to Ermones. You have to climb some rocks. Although no sandy beach you can strip off and swim in a beautiful bay.

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Mirtiotissa (Μυρτιώτισσα)

See on Google Maps

Mirtiotissa is one of the most dramatically beautiful beaches in the world. Backed by high rock cliffs, the beach can accommodate a fair number of nudists without too much overcrowding, although in July and August it can sometimes be difficult to find enough space to lie down. The great majority of the bathers in the southern part are nudists, and there seems to be no trouble with the local authorities.

There is a small waterfall of spring water (well, all right, a half inch pipe) that is convenient for washing-off after a day's swim in the sea, and at night there is usually a party of campers or stray visitors who simply want to put off the climb until the next day.

The crowd is quite cosmopolitan (lots of Scandinavians and Germans, lots of Italians, a goodly number of Americans and Brits).

"…I slip down to the house of the peasant family and borrow the Count's placid little mare, which will take me through the vineyards and woods to what is perhaps the loveliest beach in the world. Its name is Myrtiotissa. Lion-gold sand … lies smoothly against the white limestone cliff, thrown up in roundels by the force of the sea, which breaks upon a narrow sand-bank some sixty yards clear of the shore."

Lawrence Durrell, Prospero's Cell - entry for 15 January 1938

The walk down to the beach is OK, but allow yourself time (and energy) for the walk back up, which is hard going! In fact, you would be better off avoiding Mirtiotissa altogether if you’re unable to handle a pretty stiff hike. Actually it's only daunting if you're parked a long way off (or on foot): the climb from the beach to the road is just 32 steps (albeit high and uneven).

Take some water with you. Although the bar on the beach sells water it tends to sell out quickly. There’s also a snack bar on the beach, and the sandwiches are highly recommended by Captain Barefoot's reporters!
There is a taverna on the track, before you get to the beach, good for stopping at on the way back. About 150 m from the beach, and 250 m uphill on the road (5-10 minute walk) leading to the beach is the Elia tavern & rooms, with a big car-park which you can use if you eat or stay there. Opposite of Elia is a small parking which everyone can use and we always parked there, although it probably is full by afternoon. We can recommend the food at Elia. They are definitely naturist-friendly and we guess it's also a gay-friendly accommodation, since we spotted a leaflet about a gay party they hosted.
Continuing on the track past the beach for a quarter of a mile brings you to the Bella Vista taverna, where you can enjoy lunch or a drink with a fantastic view over the sea.


The beach is as clean as a crowded beach can be and the water is as clean as anywhere in the Ionian sea. Apparently the sandwich bar owners clear up the whole beach in the evening, with the the help of like-minded naturists. The sea is very shallow, so not great for swimming, but the beach is totally sandy and much easier to get into than other beaches on the island. And shallow water warms up nicely!

Being on the west coast and at the bottom of a high cliff, the sun appears relatively late (after 10.00 in May).

Umbrellas and loungers are available. Most-recently reported prices are €10 for loungers+umbrella or €2 for umbrella only.

Many Barefooters say this was altogether one of the best beaches they had found and one rated it 98%. Others, however, thought the beach overcrowded at times and reduced the rating to 85%. Very crowded during August, be there early to get a sun bed.
Two things are getting more and more annoying. First it's the increasing amount of local men peeping constantly at female tourists. It's not unlikely they place themselves right in front of the ladies and play with themselves.
Secondly it's the ever-increasing more-or-less open use of drugs. Sad thing that devalues this nice beach.


There is a wide variety of budget-priced accommodation in Vatos and the Taverna run by Alex and Despina in Vatos is said to be both excellent in quality of food and value for money.

Word reaches the Captain that a local developer has purchased a very large piece of land overlooking the beach and he is ready to build a hotel — something that could simply erase the traditional character of the beach. Some locals are getting ready to protest but if the project goes ahead it could very well be the end for Myrtiotissa as we know it. Let us hope that such developers understand that naturists are good business. There are plenty of other places they can go if they are chased away. However, there was no sign (in September 2006) of the threatened development — just the very welcome taverna offering a break and a drink to the poor souls slogging their way back to the car park.



There's a signed turn to Mirtiotissa beach off the Vatos—Pelekas road. It starts off uphill, which might not be how you expect to get to a beach…

  • from Vatos: the turning is on the right, before the left fork to Kokkini (Κοκκίνι)
  • from Pelekas: the turning is on the left, after the sharp right to Kokkini (Κοκκίνι). (It might look on your map as though you can cut the corner by turning left to Glyfada (Γλυφάδα) then immediately right; this road is not really suitable for traffic.)
  • from Kokkini: at the sharp left - to Glyfada (Γλυφάδα) & Pelekas (Πέλεκας) - keep right. The turning is shortly on the left.

Follow this road, almost to the end, and where it descends to sea level you're at the north end of the beach. It's less than 1 km from the main road but could feel longer. (The road goes on a little further, then ends at the monastery.) The road is mostly paved, but pretty steep in places.


If you get there early you can park near the top of the steps down to the beach - you'll see NUDIST set into the road surface if you look carefully. Arrive a little later and there are more spots further down the hill… but leave the last niche clear so others can turn.

Failing that, about half way along the road you’ll find a big car park (charged) where you can safely leave the car and walk down to the beach. From there down to the beach, the road is very steep and winding, with lots of unmade sections, and is very rough in places. (Note: a Barefooter couple in 2012 didn't notice this car park - they didn't need it - but let's assume it's still there until somebody reports otherwise.)

directions from Dassia / Ipsos:

  • Head towards Corfu town
  • After turning left onto the main road, follow it for about a mile then take a right turn signposted Aqualand
  • Follow the Aqualand signs until you reach a T junction opposite the water park. This is Agios Ioannis
  • Turn right towards Kokkini. At the yellow 'roundabout' turn left
  • Follow this road until you come to a left turn with a bus stop on it. It is signposted to Glyfada / Pelekas
  • Follow this road for a mile or so until you see the sign to the beach.


Jan 2012: Villa Atraides is promoted as a secluded, no-kids, hetero environment in the hills above Mirtiotissa. No first-hand experience of it, but if you like that sort of thing it sounds like the sort of thing you'd like. Source: Naturist holiday guide


October: The beach is still there, we went first week in October and it was the same as we remember from 6 years ago. Arrived at 11am to be some of the first ones, it was on Monday. We had a good spot, several hours later the beach got full, very busy with locals, mixed couples, gay men. It was maybe 70% nudist and 30% textiles. I swear there was around 60-80 people on the beach If you don't mind laying body by body this is great for you. We did not like it as much as before. Local people make it loud and smoking a lot, water is great. Left at 3PM. Go to ISSOS BEACH - much better for all.

September: A tiny beach but very laid back.

August: The beach is gone! The winter of 2017/18 has taken almost 90% of the beach. There are only a few square metres remaining, maybe room for 10 folks. The walk down to the beach is definitely no more worth the effort.

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Glyfada (Γλυφάδα)

See on Google Maps

A 2005 report speaks of a small area at the southern end of the beach occupied by a small number of nudists being ignored by the passing textiles. My correspondent also enjoyed naked scrambles among the rocks without problem.

Another report at the beginning of 2007 confirms that the southern end of the beach is indeed naturist. Walk beyond the rocks that are on the beach and you will find a small naturist area under the cliffs. The textile area is very busy and commercialised, though.

Recent reports

May: In the second week of May it was quiet. Three single men (including myself). OK if you don't mind clothed people walking up and down to the end of the beach.

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Pelekas (Πέλεκας)

At Pelekas, the main beach in front of Pelakos Beach Hotel is too busy to strip off; however if you walk south past Maria's taverna and up the hill, take the first turning right which takes you down to the harbour, walk on another 50m and there is the nicest little cove. My correspondent spent many hours here during summer 1999, swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, - the people that did pass didn't bother that he was in the nude. It was so secluded his wife stripped off for the first time on a beach!!! There are other little coves further on but it entails a little rock hopping.

Disappointing reports reach me about Pelekas beach. A correspondent reports that the widespread clothes-optional attitude that has existed there for 20 years has finally succumbed to road building. What so recently was a paradise for campers and young people is now the back yard for every family from Corfu town. Not recommended.

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Aghios Gordis

See on Google Maps

Now a big development. Heading north away from the main beach at the resort, the wooded boardwalk makes the going easy whilst it lasts, pass the Pink Palace Beach Building. Continue for approx 300 yards and you will reach a very distinctive building which in 2002 was a slightly run-down taverna with never a customer there and a conspicuous catwalk and ladder out into the sea. Walk through the courtyard (it is a right-of-way) and you come a bit of a scramble through a couple of rocks; this brings you to a bay approx. 400 yards long used by naturists and clothed people (but no nudists there in June 2003).

But - but - there now comes another distinctive feature which is a rock at the water's edge with an overhang and from a distance looks a bit like a dinosaur's head and could be thought to block progress but no - there is a very narrow way round the landward side (keep your shorts on or risk having your delicate areas scratched by the bushes). Sometimes it was possible to wade through the sea depending on tide and waves. This brings you to a pebble bay approx 800 yards long and would house hundreds but my contributors frequently had it to themselves and occasionally shared with another couple. Clearly there are no facilities so take everything needed, food, water and shade. It may sound a bit complicated but it really is not and took two of my older readers 25 minutes to get there and well worth the effort.

The nature of the pebble beach and an undertow in rougher seas may make this unsafe for poor swimmers or children.

A correspondent visited this beach several times during May 2000. It is quite difficult to get to but is worth the walk. The back of the beach is stony and is badly littered with rubbish. As long as you face the sea you won't see it. There is one large hotel in this resort and many of the tourists come along to gawp. On a couple of occasions a couple of suspicious characters came and hung about (unfortunately this is not the only such report the Captain has received about this beach). This unnerved my correspondent's wife and forced them to pack up and leave. They saw one other lone male naturist and another couple. July 2005 saw another report of gay men, shall we say, "openly expressing their sexuality".

Barefooters found it easy to walk to the beach when following the directions above in August 2007. There was not much litter. When they arrived there were just 3 other couples there. My Barefoot reporters relaxed for 3 hours and then the gay men arrived. They had sunshade-umbrellas hidden in the bushes. The other couples left straight away. Before long my reporter and her husband also felt uncomfortable and left the beach.

The Captain asks all naturists, gay or straight, to avoid confusing the beach with their bedrooms. It is unfortunate when open sexual behaviour offends people.

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Halikounas (Χαλικούνας)

aka Chalikounas, Lake Korission

See on Google Maps

A beautiful wide, long, sandy, quiet beach on the strip of land between Lake Korission and the sea. There is enough space that you can pretty much do your own thing - a mixture of naked and clothed people, but no real "rules" and a nice feel to it.

If you drive all the way down towards the end of the beach (where the canal to Lake Korossion is), the beach is more or less 100% nude. Even on a busy August day only a few people / couples. There are lots of bushes and dunes which are perfect wind-breakers and give you a lot of privacy… :)

The water is shallow a long way out, which means it warms up nicely. Sometimes a bit polluted by seaweed.

No canteens down there so bring your own water, sunbed & umbrella along. There are two small beach bars with some sunbeds but, since the beach is so long, it's not busy or noisy at all. Hardly anyone on weekdays, not too busy on Sundays.

There are three tavernas along the road to Halikounas, about 5-15 minutes’ driving from the beach.



Take road left at Gardiki Castle, then left after 1.5 km or so to Lake Korission (Κορισσία). When the tarmac runs out an unmade road continues along rear of beach for 2-3 km. Park anywhere along this stretch and walk 50 metres or so across dunes to beach.

Towards the end of the dirt road there's a kitesurf club. Past that there's at least a kilometre of quiet, unspoiled beach used by naturists.

Halikounas beach borders the same lake as Issos beach, but to get there you have to take a different road around the other side of the lake.



September We went to this beach for the first time. Right at the very end there were around 20 naturists there, mostly couples. The beach is Windy and not as clean. Everyone left by 5pm.

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Issos beach

See on Google Maps

The beach is beautiful golden sand with dunes running along the back which separates the Sea from the inland Lake of Korrision. This beach runs from the main beach at St George's South. From the main resort beach at St George's head round the bay to your right, pass the windsurfing station, which also has a small taverna for drinks and snacks. As you go further round the bay there are fewer and fewer people and the majority of them are naturist. You can also reach this area by car; taking the turning for Korrision Lake off the main road, follow this road down to the car park just past the turning for the lake and walk to the taverna, turn right and after about five to ten minutes along the beach it is then naturist right up to the end of the bay. Once there it is easy to find a quiet spot where the only noise is the surf.

It is worth noting that this part of the beach is better (no rocks, gravel etc.) than the main beach on either side of Ag. Georgios. Barefoot reporters were there in mid-September 2006 but had information that the beach was used all season by naturists. The sand is fine and golden and the sea is shallow and clear - it was just perfect.

recent reports

We followed directions above. Just after wind-surf beach bar we met a young couple, the girl topless; we went about 40m after them and sat totally naked before 20m of the next naked couple. There were no more than 6-7 couples of all ages and body shapes and a lonely man playing his cock (June). We made promenade of all the length of the beach, which is huge, totally naked. Other nudist bathers walked totally naked and the atmosphere was nice - discussing about the beach. I noticed a few individual men with bad reactions at the dunes behind the beach, so you must be careful. One of them passing in front of my woman stayed and stared at her pussy for improper time. Sometimes manners of dressed bathers are very bad: there were walking all the length of the beach a couple of young blond women in red bikinis. First one stared my genitals laughing and saying "look a nice cock" in german. So go there and keep the beach nude.

Issos beach is backed by the same lake as Halikounas beach, but to get there you have to take a different road round the other end of the water.

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Aghios Georgios (south)

The south beach of Aghios Georgios is a 2 km long sandy family beach, without any evidence of nudity in June 2000. But to the left of the beach, there is a small secluded beach, also sandy, where naturism is possible.
A report from June 2003 says it is extremely relaxed being nude there and it was easy to wander about and chat to others with like minds. As per normal there was the odd single guy who felt obliged to sit ten feet away when there was about 200 yards until the next people, but not too intrusive.

Here are updated instructions on how to get there:-
1. Assuming that you drive FROM Corfu town, turn RIGHT BEFORE the village of Argirades. There's a sign "Agios Georgios", so you can't miss it. Continue till you reach the T-junction in A.G. where all the restaurants and watersports are advertised.
2. Turn LEFT at the T-Junction and drive STRAIGHT for exactly 2.5km roughly parallel to the beach. Just follow the road - don't turn left or right! The last bit is sand-track.
3. The road eventually ends. Park at the top of the hill. Walk down the path (about 40 metres) and once you're on the sandy beach, you have the choice of this beach to the right or the following one (Marathias) to the left.
4. Turn RIGHT and walk till you see the fresh water spring on your right. At the end of the beach there're rocks separating it from the main St. George's beach.
5. That's it! Strip off and enjoy! Here it is!

Don't forget your own food and water since you're in the middle of nowhere. The closest taverna is about 1km on the way back from the beach! (Don't forget you've got to walk up the hill as well!)


A visitor in 2005 who liked the beach was deterred from remaining there by a number of gay men indulging in overtly sexual behaviour. The Captain encourages everyone, gay or straight, not to confuse nudist beaches with their bedrooms.
The naturist beach at the north end of the resort (this sounds like Issos above) takes about 10-15 minutes to reach from the Thomas Cook Palm Beach Hotel. The beach and sea are beautiful. Another 2005 correspondent reports the area clean and "a nice place to strip off".

We went there but we met only dressed bathers (June 2019). We left and went to Issos beach.

recent reports

September: This is a great naturist spot we've encountered. The rocky part of the beach here was a great secluded spot where we found several other naturists. The water was very shallow and clean, the sea was very calm. When walking towards the southern part of this long beach, towards Marathias the beach was completely empty. In the beginning of Marathias there are huge walls of rock where we gave ourselves a mud bath.

Marathias Beach

Follow the directions given above, 1 to 3, then walk to the LEFT. You now have this beach before you, stretching into the distance. It is mixed nude-textile.

recent reports

September: Made it to the beach around 11am to find absolutely no-one there, heaven on earth. This beach is actually very north end of the Marathias beach - as mentioned before, you can come down from the top dead-end road. The beach is very natural. There is also the mud wall; you can have some cosmetic treatment if that's good for your skin (or not, I don't know). Later there was one local and another couple came, but no-one else. It's great.

South of Marathias, but still on the same stretch of beach, you can reach the hamlet of Agia Varvara by car from the main road Corfu - Kavos (turn southwest from the crossroads about the middle of the quite-new Perivoli by-pass, then fork right). This is a delightful corner (at least out of season) and there is a large stretch of empty beach beyond the cliff to the left where nude sunbathing is common. See it on Google Maps

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Perka & Magali Lakia

Perhaps here? (nearest Vitalades) or
This beach has tavernas or
Possibly hereabouts? confirmation from an explorer needed! Names seem unknown to Google.

These sound promising. My correspondent confesses to being a little confused as to which beach he ended up on but while travelling North from Kavos on the main road he turned left towards Vitalades. Followed the signs through the town and then picked up the signs to Perka & Magali Lakia Virgin Beaches. The beach is long, backed by cliffs, the area in front of the Tavernas is quite busy but the beach stretches for over 2 km most of which is very sparsely occupied. From about half-way down the occasional naturist camp was seen. The water is the clearest he found but the beach had a fair amount of rubbish washed ashore.

There were a few clothed walkers who went the length of the beach and back but they seemed unbothered by nudity. However 2 girls did park up about 20m away and couldn't keep their eyes off (see it works both ways!!) (Hmm. The Captain wonders why that never happens to him … then he's usually in company). My correspondent recommends going fully equipped as it's a long walk to the Tavernas.

Arkoudillas Beach

Found it here on Google maps

We randomly found this beach while exploring South, easy to get to from Kavos. It's signed as 'Secret Beach' but it's not secret or private at all. First you walk same road as to Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then the road divides and you walk 1.5km down to the beach, you can drive but need off-road Car. The beach is mostly textiles but walk to the Right side of the beach and couple of naturists there. Visited end of September 2018. And this beach is on the walking map as there were many hikers walking towards the North of the beach. No idea where they went.

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EAST COAST, North to South


Agios Stefanos (east)

Small bay, upmarket villas and restaurants - mainly British. Boat hire is available here and seems a good way to see the coast (Albania is only 4 km away). Small fishing harbour - no beach.


No chance of going nude … but you can hire a boat (50 euro a day in 2004) and find "any number of deserted coves"

Ipsos to Dassia area

Continuous strip of developments for 5 km or so. Usual large hotels, crowded beaches, sunbeds etc. etc. Nothing more to be said!
We went there but we met only dressed bathers (late June 2019). We left and went to Arillas beach.

Benitses to Messonghi area

As above, but spreading for 10 km!

Petriti/Notos eastwards

There is a quieter area here, where the coast road finally heads inland, with some possibilities to explore discreetly.


Unbelievable! Football hooligans, lager louts and the like - on holiday. Avoid - unless you are one.
We went there but we met dressed bathers - some women topless. The beach also wasn't clean (late June 2019). We left and went to Issos beach.

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