Rhodes is a large and well-visited island with some spectacular scenery and undoubtedly beautiful beaches. But development seems to have taken its toll on facilities for the naturist. As will be clear from what follows, naturism is certainly possible. Whether it can be practised comfortably is another matter, and some certainly take the view that other islands offer much better possibilities if naturism is one of your holiday priorities. Then again, a stay at the naturist hotel and a visit to the wonderful Tsambiki beach may be your best nude vacation ever.

Not a beach, but The Angel Naturist Hotel near Paradisi is worth a visit. It is possible to go on a day visit @ €20 including a free drink. It gets good reviews on Trip Advisor.
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Ordered clockwise starting from Rhodes town


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This is a great secluded nude beach right next to Oasis (textile) beach in Kalithea. It is about 2 km from the centre of Rhodes Town and is quite readily accessible by public transport. Exit the bus from Rhodes Town to Faliraki at the main Kalithea stop, cross the street and walk towards Oasis beach. Once at the Canteen of Oasis beach, walk for 100 m to the left till you reach the rocky nude area (not visible from Oasis beach). 100% nude area, very friendly and safe, great for swimming and all-over tan. Access to the beach is very rocky, so wear some good footwear on your way there. Much better than Faliraki beach which is a known cruising place with tons of local perverts. Some voyeurs may be seen on top of the cliff but they are kept at a very safe distance. Much fewer perverts on this beach compared to Faliraki.
Updated August 5, 2015: I CONFIRM that the rocky beach area 100 metres to the left of Oasis beach IS INDEED A PERFECT NUDE BEACH. NUDITY IS PERFECTLY TOLERATED!!! As the above VERY ACCURATE description says, the nude area is not even visible from Oasis beach. I have spent the last 30 years visiting Kalithea nude beach, paying numerous visits to the canteen at Oasis beach where I was greeted with a big smile each time. This year I spent already 20 days enjoying the sun in the buff there. Much safer than Faliraki nude beach. And one last thing… Oasis beach is indeed a textile beach, however it cannot be considered a family beach since it is very rocky with difficult access to the water for children, while topless sunbathing in tiny dental-floss g-strings is perfectly allowed.


Updated August 2016: This beach is situated in the middle between the Jordan and Oasis beaches. You may come here from either side. Upon arriving to the beach with my wife, there was just a lonely barefoot man, occupying the rare position at a large rock that offered natural protection against the sun. Very soon many others, 100% naturists, arrived – but entirely men – and some of them too talkative to my wife. The place has TERRIBLE ACCESS to the water and shade is at a premium. Practically, everybody had water shoes on. You have to MOVE VERY, VERY CAREFULLY when entering or leaving the water because of flat slippery rocks and other sharp rocks beneath the sea´s surface. Nearly all sunbathers were concentrated around the best water entrance. Many times, on the top of the cliff there were some visitors from the Jordan beach. This was our first and last visit of this beach. Altogether, this is our worst nudist beach we have ever experienced and shall never come here again. We consider Faliraki Nudist beach much better option.

Sept 2017: This was, for me, an easy to access and really ideal place to sunbathe and swim nude - primarily, but not only, men - friendly and social atmosphere. You do have to be careful getting in and out of the sea, so bring some footwear or be nimble! Great swimming/snorkelling here. Visited several times and found it great - no interference from the textile beaches on either side.



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The nudist beach is at the southern end of the town, 3km from the centre of Faliraki. Access by road is achieved by turning left (from the north) or right (from the south) at the traffic lights by Swedco & Asda . After taking the left of two forks at the traffic lights, follow the road to its end, then make a right, then on to the Muses Hotel, etc. On the the corner just beyond the hotel a rough hand-written sign points the way to the beach. An alternative route is to take the right fork at the lights, passing Asda & Sainsbury's on your right. Keep going straight on, until you see Sun & Sea Apartments. Follow the road to the left & take next right turn which leads to the beach. There is limited parking at the beach and more heading up the hill. On the beach there is a taverna where Maria & her mother-in-law serve food & drinks @ reasonable prices. There are well-maintained showers & toilets.

The Captain receives more correspondence about this beach than any other in Greece and could not remotely publish it all.

In the past there have been conflicting views about this beach. However it must be said that the most recent reports suggest that previous accounts of inappropriate behaviour are now out of date. The beach seems to be well supervised and, by most accounts, clean and cared-for.

Nonetheless, by way of a cautionary note, here is an "official" example of the sort of report received in the past:-

"The only official naturist beach on Rhodes … There are three sections to the beach - one north of the taverna and a further two to the south. The sea around the beach is buoyed off to afford safe swimming and keep the banana boat folk at a safe distance. The two sections at either side of the taverna are of pebble and shingle with about 40-50 parasols in each section. There is easier access to the sea from the northern section despite a rocky outcrop. The furthest southerly section is rocky near the sea edge but further back boasts more sand and tree cover. There are no facilities in this third section.

"The beach is almost 100% nude, made up of single men and women, couples and families with young children. The majority of the visitors are Greek, German, Austrian and East European but there are a few British. The furthest, most southerly section largely attracts men who keep themselves to themselves. Previous reports have indicated problems with photographers and gawpers from the cliffs above and occasionally on the beach. The beach crew are aware of this and, the Captain is assured, deal most effectively with any complaints or suspicions of misdemeanour of any kind. Nikos (aka Rambo), a diminutive, friendly but highly vociferous member of the beach crew has informed my contributor that for the 2001 season the whole beach is to be improved with barriers around the cliff edge to prevent viewing access to loiterers. There will also be only one entry point via the beach's northern edge. This can be accessed from Faliraki beach or from the down slope from the cliff which will be re-surfaced. The beach crew will more easily be able to control those using the beach with this limited access. The authorities also intend to give considerable attention to the flora and shrubbery in the area."

The family-owned Cristos Taverna is open from 9am - 8pm and offers a good selection of alcoholic and soft drinks as well as hot and cold food at competitive prices.

Faliraki Beach is still very attractive for nudists despite the misgivings that have been expressed by some. The area in front of the kiosk with umbrellas and sun-loungers had many nice middle-aged couples enjoying the sun when I visited a couple of weeks ago [May 2012]. The toilets and showers are clean and well maintained and you can get drinks and decent food from the kiosk. Further to the south the beach is mostly popular with gay men, and surprise, surprise - if you venture up into the bushes behind the beach some of them may be engaging in sexual activity. But forewarned of that possibility, you won't go there unless that's your sort of thing.

Faliraki itself is not the most beautiful beach resort town in Rhodes, but its convenient distance from Rhodes town makes it an attractive day visit.

Sept 2017: Great nudist beach with a lot of facilities and a really fun vibe. Still going very strong.

August 2019: One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Rhodes.* At this date there were 2 sunbeds and umbrellas for €10. In the early hours, the beach is generally quieter. It becomes more crowded around noon, and parking spaces close to the beach are often full.
Free Wifi toilet and shower facilities available on the beach. The beach is often used by nudist Italian, British, German, Czech, Russian, Turkish and Greek couples, singles and families. The end point of the beach is preferred by LGBT. The number of swinger couples who prefer the area between the end point and the sunbeds has been increasing for the last 2 years.
Although the beach was crowded, it was quite quiet and peaceful.
The beach is quiet at night and is used by those who cannot enter the nudist sea during the day.
Beach is 99% nudist, a small amount textile lovers still exist.
The beach is sandy, but the entrance to the sea is rocky and sea shoes should be worn.

  • Resident tpebop says "I disagree. Not beautiful at all. Too many rocks in the the water."


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Sand shingle cove. Fully textile on this visit (confirmed August 2000).
Nudist bathing is possible in the gulf opposite the small harbour in the north part of Kolimbia (rocky promontory). There are many rocks mixed with sand. A small but nice place (visited 2008).
Update by tpebop 8 July 2017: In the last 9 years a lot of all-inclusive hotels have been built in Kolymbia making naturism impossible. There is a beach called Billy's Canteen beach which would have been great for naturism but as elsewhere in Kolymbia, the all-inclusive textiles have taken over.


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A very popular textile beach overlooked by a magnificent peak. As you approach the mass of sunbeds, shops and restaurants, there is a message scrawled on the back of one 'Naturist beach at the end'. The whole beach is about 1km long; you can drive to within 100m of the southern end where a walk along flat level sand, no rocks or scrambling round the headland, gets you to about 50m of sandy beach with sunbeds and a small kiosk, with several very clear signs saying 'Nudist Beach' so there's no mistake. Plenty of people there when we visited in mid-September 2015.


(For reasons that are unclear to the Captain, our main local informant has this year (2015) been asked by the concessionaire not to publicise this beach on the internet! Nonetheless it does exist. So if you go there, please don't let on that you read about it here… just enjoy it.)

Aug 2017: Update by nakedcpl: Very good beach, probably the best we have been to in Greece. Calm water. Sand. Clean and crystal clear. Small bar where you can buy cold beer, water, coffee, drinks and fruit naked. Parking near, you can go naked to/from the car. Well organised. Very friendly cantina owners ask (mostly Italian) textiles to move, so always 100% naturist.
From tpebop:- I would not recommend parking so close that you can go to/from car naked; you WILL get stuck in the sand. The safest parking is by another taverna & you would upset the customers & staff if you were naked.
Sep 2017 from forum: Most days spent at Tsambika, busier than previous years, between 30 and 40 couples with a few singles each day. Costas kept us entertained with the way he removed any undesirables from the beach. It's reassuring to know that perverts and creeps taking photos will be extracted. One of the best naturist beaches I have been to. Perfect for first timers.

Visited 2018 June. 100% nudist, perfect sea. Busy without being crowded. Excellent beach highly recommended.

August 2019: Sandy beach and sea. Sea is shallow and suitable for sea fun and games. €10 for 2 sunbeds and 1 parasol. Nudist section at far end of the beach and separated by fence and signboard places. Sometimes textile lovers try to walk along the shoreline but beach staff warn them immediately. Beach is 100% Nudist. There is one small tavern and you can go and pick up your drinks without cover yourself. Free shower available.
If you like sandy beach, Tsambika perfect place for you.


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A huge beach south of Haraki village. You will encounter an army camp [old airfield] but just keep walking! It is pebbly but the only sound you will hear is the sea. No facilities so bring your own refreshments.

I visited this beach June 2014 and liked it with reservations. Firstly the beach I talk about is called Masari beach and should not be confused with Haraki/Charaki beach. Haraki is just beyong the headland and is nice but naturism is not possible at all. Masari is the start of a long wide expanse all the way to Kalathos and naturism is certainly possible away from the sunbed area, which was only 20 beds when I was there. However the beach, like so many down the eastern coast is dull and, I think, boring. Naturism is not just about getting your kit off; you must enjoy the surroundings and for me this area didn't quite do it. If I am really honest, although I loved Rhodes, naturism was very very disappointing.
The beach described above is nice, clean and seems (July 2014) nudist (wrong!). As we arrived only one brave woman was totally nude (her man was dressed). Other bathers were at a distance but all dressed. My wife felt being watched by textiles and decided to stay with the swimsuit. The nude bathe was cancelled.


Kalathos is a continuation of the long shingle beach from Haraki. Large hotel has recently opened. My correspondents stayed in Haraki, however during the second week of their holiday they went every day to Kalathos and encountered no problems at all. Every day at the end of the beach there were at least four nude couples a respectable distance apart. The access is excellent. You just turn off the main road through Kalathos at the sign for the Ostria Taverna and then turn left at the roundabout and right down to the beach. On the beach turn left and walk as far as you like towards the water ship.

In June 2010 there are mixed textile and nude. The beach is so long and empty that nudity is not a problem - just an option. From Ostria Taverna and 2-3 km north, towards Haraki. Lovely!
Report from the end of September 2010: mixed textile and nude (close to rocks).

Kalathos.JPG Kalathos2.JPG

September 2016: When you get to the taverna Ostria on the beach, turn left on the dirt road that runs along the pebble beach and stop where you can find a place that you like. We were us and the sea.


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My correspondents describe this as an isolated cove between Lardos and Ginnadia on the east coast with a natural spring coming (not for drinking, only for cooling oneself down) cascading down the mountain. The beach has little pebbles with a few large boulders (excellent for lying on). It is located by a developing resort area but is isolated from all.

Unfortunately, the main beach is now said to be unsuitable for nudism due to development.
There are now 14 hotels plus many new villas & lodgings making it very difficult to go nude anywhere in Kiotari.

The resort hotels are an "A" class named Rhodos maris, Rhodos village, and Rhodos princess; however, other rooms, restaurants, and night life are situated near. Directions from the kantina at main area: it is left of/towards the harbour; going past it you see a restaurant named Paraktio. Keep going to the left to an empty cleared-out land - stop there. Towards the sea on right there is a dirt road (not big enough for a car) that leads to the beach; to the left is the spring.

When coming from the north of the island instead of turning right to Asklipeio (where there is a church and castle) turn left sign-posted to the beach. On reaching the beach turn right and drive for a few hundred metres where there is plenty of room to park.

My correspondents were there late afternoon and there were two other naturists in a very long stretch of beach plus others (textiles) some distance away. They felt quite comfortable sunbathing and swimming but walking would not have been comfortable.

Visited this huge beach area June 2014 and like my other reports for this year was very disappointed. The beach is very long and very commercialised. No obvious areas for naturism. When leaving this resort and heading towards Gennadio there were huge empty expanses of empty beaches where nudism would be possible, but with little or no shade and uninspiring surroundings like my other reports, disappointing.

2017 Updates by tpebop: Yet more all inclusive hotels are built along Kiotari beach.They are very, very large.


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Has miles of beach, but all appeared to be pebble rather than sand (although the pebbles are said to be "nice ones"). The beaches are of varying quality. Many of them are close to houses and are therefore unsuitable for naturism. Previous reports suggested that the beach population consisted of widely spaced, but all-textile groups, and on that basis the Captain did not feel able to recommend this beach.

However, a more encouraging report reaches me from August 1998 (in high season), when my correspondents visited this beach every day and it was inhabited by mostly nude couples (including my contributors). It is idyllic if you enjoy tranquillity, as you are left well and truly to yourself. They arrived fairly early and as each couple arrived they moved past us a respectful distance before shedding (all) their clothes.

This long stretch of several kilometres of beach has regular access points. A report from 1998 says that for the most part there were so few people that discreet nudity is no problem. Many spots along this coastline look isolated from the beach, but actually have private houses just behind the shore from which local residents may emerge and take offence. The best spot my contributor found along here is to be found by following the sign to "Dennis's Beach", which leads down a track to a very small development. Walking right from there was a nice stretch of pebbly beach; he came across one nude couple who looked warily as he passed, giving him the impression they weren't sure if they should be there or not. They took up position 50 yards beyond them, and once they saw me strip off to swim they seemed to relax again. This doesn't sound too relaxing if, like many of us, you prefer safety in numbers when going nude.

In June 2010 - 5 km south of Gennadi - there's a big sign "Mojito Bar": turn left and park here. The place has a cantina. If you go a couple of hundred metres along the beach your nudity will offend no-one. Enjoy!

23 July 2013: Mojito Bar has been refurbished & there are now lots more sun-loungers.
Also a cluster of villas have been completed alongside the beach. So sadly no nudity here now.

June 2014- Gennadio beach, not so much a beach as a region. Miles and miles of wide desolate beaches with little or no shade but just like all my other reports for east coast Rhodes naturism disappointing. You could go naked almost anywhere on this stretch but would you enjoy it? I am not so sure. Beach is very open and bland…nowhere to hide. From Tpebop: what a curious comment. Why would you want to hide? I suppose I could find a quiet spot in my local garden centre but would I feel comfortable…no. I do not want to sound too negative but my view is that East Rhodes is not for naturism. Go back to the main site and try and pick another island. My favourite so far, Kefalonia.


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Earlier reports described this beach as excellent with a good taverna next to harbour area. Should be no problem of access by motorbike as road surfaces are all good.


Easy access to beach away from taverna by taking track to left approximately 300m back along the road from the taverna. Driving south approx. 5km after sign to Plimiri beach look for the church on the right hand side with a Grain Silo built very close by. These are the only buildings in the immediate vicinity but the left hand track with cypress trees is opposite. Track runs for 5km. Be careful on the gravel road.

It is certainly a nice beach, but much building going on, mainly of private homes, behind the dunes. My correspondent walked the full length of the beach (about 2 km), and thought it was deserted - however, a local family suddenly appeared from one of these houses almost exactly where he'd taken up position, and he discreetly dressed and moved on. It's a beautiful spot, though, with an excellent fresh fish taverna.


Update by Tpebop 22 july 2016: There is now an All-inclusive resort here called Magic Life used by Tui & Thomson Holidays. Their sun-loungers are spread along the beach.

Update by Tpebop 19 february 2017: Some new villas have been built behind the beach & on the approach road


Agios Georgios

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Somewhere between Plimiri and Prassonissi a couple who visited in September 2000 found a "paradise". At the church Agios Pavlos they took a dirt road and followed it to Agios Georgios. They took the road on the right side of the riverbed and there we found this beach. The sea was calm and they could walk for miles.

Update by tpebop 13 September 2016: A word of caution. Do NOT attempt this with an ordinary car especially after the church as you will be driving on sand & could get stuck.

Another report says you can get to this beach smoothly with a normal car by the dirt road lined with pine trees which starts 100 metres before St Mark Church. This huge deserted sandy beach would be fantastic if it were not almost always extremely windy.
From tpebop: It is NOT a dirt road but a track through sand.
A report on a travel forum in 2018 says a couple got stuck in the sand with a motor bike


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From Kattavia there is a 7 Km tarmac road to a double beach where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas nearly meet. They are separated, under good conditions, by a wide sand "causeway". Did not cross the sand to the true Cape. There are now two tavernas at the end of the main track and evidence of further development to come. But recent reports suggest little opportunity here. This is no longer at the end of a gravel track: a good asphalt road has been built, and major development is taking place. My correspondent didn't walk beyond the obvious limits of the very large expanse of sand, so there may be possibilities there. Following an exceptional storm in 1998, the causeway is fully submerged, to the delight of the windsurfers there, so the true cape is at present an island, and possibly destined to remain so for a while. Would be interesting to "occupy" that island! The Captain hears that the sandbank has now re-emerged, so access to the island will be easier (but not to be tried in a car unless it is a four-wheel-drive).

October 1 2017 update: In addition to 2 tavernas & 2 surfing supply stores there is now the Ocean Palace hotel/ apartments

Limni Beach

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This sandy beach is between Apolakkia & Katavia. There are limited facilities. Car parking & a changing hut . Descend the steps to the beach & walk to the right for about 10 minutes & you will be out of sight of most people. From there on it's possible to walk for many kilometres in the nude. A sandy beach but with rocks in the water so swimming difficult.

9 August 2013: In the car park above the beach there is now a newly-completed toilet block as well as showers. There are no showers on the beach. A sun-lounger & umbrella is €3 for the day.
Walk left of the loungers to find a more sandy beach. You can walk for many kilometres in the nude. There is no food nor drink available so bring your own.

update by tpebop 24 September 2017: Went there today to find no loungers on the beach & it's a wild deserted place. The signs on the main road have been removed so unless people have been before you won't find it anyway.
The owners of Chrisama taverna near Apolakkia told us later there were no loungers all summer.

July 2018 - stayed near Limni on this wonderful coast. Limni would have a few couples on the beach, opportunities for a skinny dip somewhat limited unless early in the morning or evening. Best place to swim on this part of the coast.

Apolakkia area

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Miles of deserted, predominantly sandy beaches are to be found here. My contributors tended to head for the beaches to the north of Apolakkia. It is possible to walk for miles nude on this stretch of coastline - solitude is virtually guaranteed although they did come across other naturists here. However, this side of the island can be windy which tends to make the sea rough on these days making swimming difficult. Recommended.

July 2018 - stayed on the beach for a week. Far north, where the beach end is the best place for swimming, otherwise it is nearly always quite rough. But, it is awesomely beautiful. I walked for hours without seeing a soul, although always carry a sarong or shorts just in case. Also, look after this beach. It is badly affected by PLASTIC. So, we did our bit, and spent 2 hours a day picking up all sorts of plastic crap. So, get some exercise and an all-over tan and be a eco-nudist, you know it makes sense.


Beach near Monolithos

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When you are driving from Monolithos to Cape Fourni Beach you have to turn right at a small roadside kandylakia. A few metres later follow the dirt track on the left direction. The way now gets very steep and rough. With an 4x4 this was not a big deal, but if you are driving a normal car you should leave it here and go down the way by feet.
We visited this nice beach in August [2016] and it was very quiet. For the first hour we were completely alone. Then another nudist couple arrived and stayed there for about one hour. Later a textile couple arrived but didn't seemed be bothered. These were the only people on the beach during our four hour stay.
2019 Report from forum by Kamila: Beach is quiet and peaceful, great for swimming. Even with a 4x4 access is restricted. Took us 15 min downhill on foot and then 25 min back. It's a drag up the hill but defo worth it. No amenities but also no people. Be very careful with sand bees. Only other person on the beach was eco hippie girl.

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