Reports from August 2013

Papikinou as well as Lagada are the town beaches so 0% nudity

Achivadolimni - before the camping, you go down the green stairs and then turn right. Keep in mind, it's a northern beach so the waters during August won't be the calmest nor the cleanest ones

Triades - The second and third to your left 80% unclothed. Beautiful beaches highly recommended

Ammoudarakia - The one in the middle and best beach of these three ones is only for clothed. The two others 100% nude but not so amazing

Agios Ioannis - Ugly road but worthly. First beach clothed, you take the path on your right hand. Second and third beach 100% nudity. A bit climbing is required but this is the most beautiful scenery of the island

Gerontas - Crowded in the high season, so only clothed.

Provatas - Fyriplaka - Agia Kyriaki - Paliochori : 0% nudity. Busiest beaches of the island

Psarovolada - Unclothed but accessed exclusively via a 10-15 min walk through very steep and thus dangerous rocks.

Kastana - It's in the northeastern part of the island, near Voudia. There are 3 small beaches with few people. (As it happens often) The first one sets the trend

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