Paradise ruined. We have been visiting Antiparos once or twice a year for about 10 years. We sometimes stay for up to 4 weeks. Our visit in August 2009 will be our last. The signs for the official naturist beach had been removed and along with maybe 10 naturists we felt very uncomfortable. It was 99% clothed. Local business men that I know all said they no longer wanted a naturist beach. Tom Hanks has a villa in Antiparos and I believe he is a very devout christian. You may be right. I could not possibly comment. Prices were crazy. A Bacardi Breezer cost €7.50 and we were lucky to get a room at €70 a night. The camp site fees were not much less. Expect to queue for the popular restaurants. I have got nothing against shaven headed Italian men with their families and dogs but I fail to see why they find Antiparos so popular. Expect only limited passenger ferries from Parikia. The 4 landing craft ferries from Pounta were working flat out 24. 7. There is even a traffic warden in Antiparos trying vainly to keep cars moving. Some tourists are now calling this picturesque island 'Mini Mykonos' Can anyone recomend an alternative because we will never set foot on the place again.

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