For many years the Captain has preferred to turn a Nelsonian blind eye towards Tinos, not even mentioning it amongst the constituents of the Cyclades. This was because it has great religious importance for the Greeks as the Church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos Town is considered the protector, not only of the island, but of the entire country. (In fact, many pilgrims head to this church all year round, not just at the time of the main festival on 15th August.) It thus seemed to be potentially offensive to our hosts to even consider naturism in this context.

However that there is some demand has been shown by contributions from Greek supporters - so here is the information given. Please apply it with the greatest respect…

Platia Ammos

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You can go to Platia Ammos beach which is here (photos are geotagged):
Drive (or take the bus) to Kionia. Continue driving (or walk) after the main beach. The road starts to go uphill. You will see the beach from a certain point. From that point on, you have to continue by walking down the (not so difficult) pathway.
The beach has a southern orientation which means it should be protected from the strong northern winds blowing in the Aegean in July/August. It is a very beautiful beach.

Cape Gastria

First, go to Ammos Beach as described above by another visitor. At the far (northern) end of Ammos Beach, there is a small footpath leading up to the cliffs. After passing a small fence, which can be easily opened or is open already, take the small path along the cliffs for about 500m. It's an easy walk and in the end you will arrive at the chapel of Gastritsa, where there is a small but very nice beach, mostly (especially during weekdays) empty. Some shade by a few trees and by the chapel itself. Crystal clear sea….

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