The Captain is delighted to receive the first reports of naturism in the unspoilt Cycladean island of Sikinos.

Barefoot reporters say Sikinos is a real find for anyone looking for a real Greek island holiday, full of sights, colours and senses. They loved it… It is as close as you can probably get in the Cyclades to what things were like in the '50s and 60s. As a general rule, I would say that naturism shouldn't be too much of a problem, as most beaches here are only accessible by boat.

The only ferry port is at Alopronia (Limani Sikinou) and there is nowhere for an airport!


Maltas beach

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A Barefoot reporter visited Maltas beach in August 2006. It is a little treasure, with clear blue waters, a wonderful view of Ios, and all the peace and quiet that is so difficult to come by in Greek islands in August. To get there you need to get the little boat from Sikinos port (there are about 3-4 return trips every day, and the trip takes about 20 mins). Mind you, once the boat leaves you on a small platform, you need to negotiate a small cliff to get there. However, it is not too difficult - just difficult enough to ensure that there are no large incursions of textiles. Although not officially nudist, the distance and the fact that it is not accessible by road ensures that nudism is not a problem at all. In fact, although when my reporter arrived there were no nudists, he asked the 3-4 young people if they minded if he went nude and they did not mind at all. At some point in the day, he and his companion were even all alone. Just make sure that you take plenty of water and food.

My contributor rated the beach 90%.

This barefooter went there with his partner in early June 2018 and can confirm that this gem is still intact.
The bay offers excellent shelter from the Meltemi, and now has an extra way of being reached:
From the Chora, take hiking trail 4. It takes you on a two-three hour hike through the ridiculously scenic countryside of eastern Sikinos and rewards you with an amazing day at this wonderful beach.
When we were there, the beach was being used by a textile couple who didn't mind us taking our kit off (after we checked if they'd be okay with it). No boats passed and when the couple had left, we were alone until we had to start back on our return hike.


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If you take the little cobbled path out of Alopronia, Sikinos' charming port, (on your left as you come from the harbour itself) you will see the rocky coastline after about 10-15 minutes. You will be able to reach the sea by crossing some fields. The rocks there are not very comfortable, but it is very quiet and secluded, ideal for naturism. Make sure to bring water with you.

Barefoot reporters rated this beach 75%

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