Mykonos was once a nudists' paradise. It is now chancy to say the least. It's a lively island, well known for many years as a meeting place for the gay community. The inflow of more and more textiles means that if naturism is your priority it is hard to recommend Mykonos these days, particularly in high season. By way of example, one contributor who visited in August 2006 said:

"We have had our holiday crowded out by partying young people … very noisy. Only Paranga beach tolerated nudity. In July /August prudes rule. We were made to feel unwelcome on most other beaches."

However it's fair to say that this is not a universally held view. For example, contributions from 2001 summed up the position thus:

"Unless you are homophobe, or want to be alone, go to Mykonos!"

Recent visit (October 2013) I have changed my mind. Paradise and Super Paradise were completely clothed - even on warm days. Forget it. Sad loss.

And another correspondent says:

"I highly disagree with your description of this beach and this island. I found the naturist possibilities better here than on many of the other islands I have visited."

Some reports suggest that the situation may be "not as bad" as in some previous years. So, please make your own judgement.

A note (September 2010): There were not many nudists but people seem so tolerant in most of the beaches.

Have just returned from Mykonos (Sept. 2010) Generally speaking, I can confirm that the textile invasion seems permanent. It is sad that nudists are relegated to their "section". Imagine a "nudist area" sign on Super Paradise. The situation isn't much better on Paradise or Paranga. However, I also visited Fokos Bay and Mersini Bay. Both were very quiet. Fokos Bay is definitely a mixed textile/nudist beach. I was very comfortable there. Mersini had one textile family on it, so I walked to the far end from them. My nudity was ignored by them.

I also stopped by Ftelia Beach. Definitely not a recommended beach. It was absolutely strewn with garbage. I have no idea why. It would be a beautiful beach, sandy and wide open. (Another correspondent says the reason for the garbage is that everything that blows into Ormos Panormos from the north gets washed up here.)

Ordered from Southwest anticlockwise - i.e: left to right along the south coast


Paranga / Paraga

See Paranga on Google Maps

A sandy beach between two headlands about 5km from Mykonos town, sounds worth noting. This is the beach between Plati Yialos and Paradise, and one end is at least 50% nudist and is to be highly recommended. It is possible to walk to Paraga from Plati Yialos over the cliffs, it is about 10 mins along the Plati Yialos beach, then 15 minutes over the cliffs. However note that there are two beaches separated by a narrow peninsula of sand - avoid the near one, the far one is the main beach. Beach sandy, some rocks in water, but many places where you can enter over sand.

Some reports rate this as better than Paradise or Super. Relaxed, tolerant, quiet. Some say that this beach is by the far the best naturist-friendly beach on the island.

It's clean, and an easy walk from Plati Yialos. It has very clean toilets and very good eating facilities. The beach over the last three years that my contributor and his wife have been going has gradually had a reduced attraction to gay persons. It is mainly used now by couples with some families also. The beach is of mixed textile and nude, the predominance being nude from halfway along the beach although it doesn't seem to matter where you sit. Easy access into the sea which is very clear. Also served by a boat service from neighbouring villages and beaches. Has many loungers and umbrellas reasonably priced.


The nice thing is that it's reachable even by bus from Mykonos Town (there is one going directly to Paranga, but you can also use the one to Paradise and walk 10 minutes to the right from there).

On a recent visit, the Captain was able to confirm the judgment of many Barefoot reporters that this is one of the best beaches in Mykonos, with very nice visitors, a mix of straight and gay, young and older, families… and nudism not a problem - though not necessarily a majority pursuit. At the western end (right as you face the sea) there was a good mixture of nudes and textiles, some using the supplied sunbeds, others using beach mats and towels.

However, entry to the sea at the western end is rocky. But nobody minds if you walk nude in front of the sunbeds to swim there.

The bus service to Paranga is sometimes quietly amalgamated with that to Paradise Beach and serves both in the order which suits the driver; so if there's no sign of the Paranga bus leaving, ask the Paradise driver.

Unfortunately, like many established naturist beaches, it is prone to a textile invasion from late July through August, especially at weekends. One reporter found just 5 nude people there during late July 2007. In the 2010 high season another reporter found that the nudists had migrated west over the isthmus shown in the above aerial view to a minute beach, where textiles were rare. This is hardly a private spot, with dirt roads terminating immediately above it, but traffic seemed to be very light (and unsurprised).

August 2010: Paranga beach had a few nudists not much. I learned why so many people there on a nude beach are not naked. There were transexuals trolling the beach of paranga. I even had one hit on me, and I did not like it.

June 2014: We had a great stay over three days at Paranga. If you want a recliner and umbrella go to the right hand, Western, end in rows 14 and above. Mostly straight nude couples and ignore the calls to buy food for a front row recliner! The beach has more textiles and just topless as you go East, but a very relaxed attitude towards nudity at the Western end, whether reclining, walking the beach or swimming. Also a nice bar in the middle of the beach that gets noisier in late afternoon and a good taverna to the East, left hand, end. Best nude beach for straight couples wanting to people watch rather than be on an empty beach. Also try Elia, but this is more gay at the Western end, but also very comfortable for nude straight couples. We enjoyed both.

October 2017: I caught the bus from the old port to Paradise beach but then walked for 10 -15 mins over the headland from in front of the hotel to this beach. As per previous reports go to the western end and that was very relaxed and 100% - if not that many - nudist. Nice beach and not much noise from the bars. As said above the sea bed is a bit rocky but you can walk a bit east to get into the sea a bit easier.

May 2019: there were workers also a digger cleaning and working on the beach to prepare for the tourist season. Not really appropriate for sunbathing.

Paradise Beach

See Paradise Beach on Google Maps

Once one of the most famous nude beaches in the Aegean. You can get there easily by boat from Platy Yialos. It used to be said that nudity was the norm and that anyone wearing a bathing costume looked out of place. Maybe so, once. Not any more.


Paradise - of which we have fond memories - has gone through several incarnations. In the mid-1990s the Captain felt obliged to advise that it is now totally textile and should be avoided unless you like loud beat music, more like a rock concert than a beach, intensely crowded. Full of beer-swilling young people. The clothes-optional crowd, although seeming a little uncomfortable, were certainly tolerated in this atmosphere of wild abandon. The beach is best if you're in a party mood. Of peace and quiet there is none.

Except that … well, there's a widely held view that the whole atmosphere on Mykonos is that no-one will mind nudity: it is of no more consequence than the colour of the next person's bathing costume.

And in 1999 the Captain began to receive reports to the effect that Paradise was not quite as bad as my report suggested, 25% nudist.

More encouraging reports have started to come in 2000 and 2001 - a report from May 2000 describes Paradise beach as not as bad as its reputation and a lovely CO beach with 40% nude. A June 2000 report agrees that the beach is not as bad as described; it has a strong nudist end on the west end of the beach, about 50 nudists, families and couples 20 - 40 years old, also a few nudists on the other end of the beach, in the middle of the beach: tropicana bar with awful noise (some people call it "music" or "techno"), in this part mostly very young visitors but everybody textile. My correspondent's rating for the west end of the beach: 70 %. A report from August 2000 says that my contributor was the only nudist in Paradise, and a report from September 2000 indicates no nudism there at all and gives it a rating of just 10%. But a report from early July 2001 said there were nudists at both ends, but there's a new hotel being built at that end with a swimming pool, overlooking the nude area, so things are likely to change in the very near future.

A report from June 2001 says that about three-quarters of the beach is textile with naturists at the western end. Some gays but low profile. Beach very good and enjoyable day out . Tolerance and good atmosphere. This changes about 4pm when happy hour begins in the beach bars. They pump up the volume to levels unendurable to anyone over 30, but heck 4pm - enough sun by then.
In July 2001 on the west end more than 50% of the people were naked (this applied also in the area with sunbeds), around 50 persons all in all. The beach is big and so the percentage naked on the beach was low. Anyway, my contributors found this beach very good. Their children, who didn't want to be naked, went with them without complaining. My contributor observed that to find naturist beaches on other islands you often had to walk a long distance to come to a beach that was less attractive than the others (true sometimes, says the Captain, but certainly not always). Here you were only metres from the bus stop, a lovely beach with sunbeds and you could dress as you liked.

A report from September 2003 said Paradise was a very nice beach, larger and not so crowded as Paranga. A good mix of textiles and naturists, with very little, if any segregation. Taverna, bars, toilets at rear of beach. All of these amenities plus the beach kept spotless with any litter being removed at all times. My contributors were told that a disco is held each day from approx 4.30 to 6.00 from middle of July to the middle of September, with a "crazy" DJ blowing his whistle and driving everybody mad, according to one report.

Add to that reports of a new beach club and … well, not promising I fear.

One report from July 2005 says that 20% of the beach (the far right section) was nudist. Another visitor in the same month could see no nudists. And although a report from August 2007 found only 4 nude people, in September the right-hand end of Paradise Beach was 25% nudist.

In late September 2007 the only nudists were to the extreme far right of the beach, the rest was completely clothed except for maybe a couple of topless women. Even my intrepid Barefoot reporters would not have felt comfortable being nude outside of the nudist area, but they felt fine in the nudist area. There probably were about only 30 nude people there. A few couples, a couple of groups of older single women, and several single women and men. My reporters are in their 30s, and except for one couple's young daughter, they by far were the youngest people in the nude section. We did have to pay for the chairs & umbrella. As for the party scene, we didn't see any of it; it was said that it had been too raucous about 10 years ago but was very different now.

A report from summer 2006 suggests Paradise Camping is a good accommodation experience, cleaner and better run than Mykonos Camping. They also said techno music and uni crowd were the main idea at Paradise these days. My contributors were at Paradise a few years before and said there was much less nudity now. On previous visits they felt comfortable walking out of the camp area naked carrying towels and suncream, etc. to go sunbathe on beach, but not now. They said there is still some nudity, perhaps 10%, and no-one would mind, just the others would not do it themselves.

Recent reports

Not much space - bars and sunbeds. There are paintings on the walls of the beach facilities depicting Adam and Eve and also a naked woman in the sea. That's all alluding to its name "Paradise beach". So if you are very confident, you could get naked and refer to the imagery (and the history of the beach) if there are really other people who complain.

In May, there were lots of workers preparing for the season and few tourists who came just to take pictures. Not much of an atmosphere to get naked unless you are very confident.


Super Paradise

See Super Paradise beach on Google Maps

Once widely known as "the" gay nudist beach with an "extraordinary" taverna. In the past it seemed to be divided into three areas: the gay part, where everyone was nude, but everyone was male and in couples. Then there was the textile part at the other end near the taverna. In the middle was a strip populated by mixed sex nudist couples. It was worth it, if only for the experience. But things have been changing over the last decade. A visitor there in 1997 described it to me as not bad, but it has become a 'discovered' CO beach and there were more clothed tourists looking for nude bodies to watch than nudists. Beach was 25% nude during a stay in summer 1997. Taverna is extraordinary!

More recent reports suggest that naturism was pretty much a lost cause on both Paradise and Super, with the few that were present at the western end of both beaches. Even toplessness was rare.

Recent reports

June: Now there are two places that rent sunbeds and a free beach in the centre.
I get naked on the free beach. There were no other nude people, but after i get naked, many other people get naked too

October - There are some rocks at the western end, giving privacy, and I went unclothed only after a group of three - one man and two women went naked on the beach - quite brave as it is overlooked by a club at this end and there was quite a bit of footfall. But nice beach and I covered up after they left. Everyone else were textiles.


See Agrari on Google Maps

Fifteen minutes' walk west of Elia along a rocky path is Agrari.

Once a clean and nice beach with a tavern this too is now bedecked with sunbeds and brollies. Unlike Elia, however, there is some more substantial clear space - at the end of the path from Elia, and at the far end (right when facing the sea) - where you can still put down a beach mat or a towel.

As with many beaches on the island, there is a bamboo barrier to the north of the sunbed area - this is vital on the days the Meltemi wind blows from the north as it allows you to lie in the sunbeds with sensible wind blowing over you. Without the bamboo, it would be impossible. The sand is coarse meaning it doesn't blow in such circumstances.

The extreme western end of the beach appears to be "clothing optional" and is in front of the "Sunrise Hotel" which collects the money €3.50 for each sunbed under free bamboo umbrellas. Many recent reports confirm that there were always some people with no clothes on and those with clothes (mainly Italians and local Greeks) did not seem to object in any way, giving a great feeling of freedom on the beach.


On a recent visit during September the Captain noticed a few (very few) nudists at the left end, and more at the right end, though they were in a minority. The majority of those on the beach (nudist and textile) were gay, though there were some mixed couples too. It was mercifully less crowded than Elia.

Sept. 2010: the nude section has now migrated to the east end of Agrari. A very pleasant beach, but the wind can be brisk. Beautiful sunrises from my balcony at the Sunrise Hotel.
Between Elia and Agrari, two other, smaller and delightful-looking beaches are predominantly nude: the one closer to Agrari is minute. They are pretty exclusively gay and the whole area is used for cruising.
Sept. 2010: While the above correspondent is correct about the gay cruise, I was more comfortable as a nudist here than anywhere else. Having made it politely clear that I was not interested in the gay scene, I enjoyed pleasant company and conversation. I appeared to be a curiosty as a straight man in that area. I emphasised that my primary interest was to be in the company of nudists. From there, my visits were great.

May 2019: Two nudist couples on the "free" beach part. Enough space; seems to be promising for the summer season as well.


See Elia on Google Maps

I once described this as easily the best naturist beach we found on Mykonos. It is past Super Paradise. You can get there by boat from Platy Yialos but it's easier to take the bus from Mykonos Town (the bus leaves from the stop near the port - not from the centre of town). Head left from where the boat stops to the end where most of the nudists congregate.


On a recent visit a decade later (in a September) the Captain found it changed immeasurably. A forest of umbrellas that confronts one on arrival at the beach made it feel crowded even when there was hardly anyone there. By the late afternoon, however, it was packed. Even the small area near the rocky path to Agrari (to the right facing the sea) was crammed with bodies, leaving very little space even to walk past comfortably. Yes, some of those bodies were naked, including the odd few using the sunbeds and umbrellas, but they were in a small minority. Of the nudists, the vast majority were male - Elia is undoubtedly very much part of the gay mecca that is Mykonos.

If you're gay and don't mind the crowds, maybe you'll like Elia. If you prefer beaches that are natural in all senses (i.e. not commercialised), you'll hate it.

Aug 2010: very busy but still plenty (>50%) of nudes of both sexes in the west section of the sunshades and loungers, and even a few mixed couples in the first "beachlet".

2016: 10 very nice days on the island. Elia is a nudist beach on the west side (gay side but you don't need to be gay to stay there). At the beginning of July 50% of the beach was naked. If you walk 5 minutes between the rock you will find a 100% nudist little bay.

October 2017: I can confirm the report from 2016. There are a lot of sunbeds but you can go free at the western end, where the sunbeds end and there are some rocky outcrops. Some nudists were using the sun beds. I was joined by a single woman, single men and couples. Very relaxed and nice beach. The snorkelling by the rocks is also very good. As stated, walk over the headland for a couple of minutes to a small sandy beach. When I was there (2nd week October 2017 - sunny and warm!) there were 15-20 people, mainly naked and mostly male. It's very sandy, with good snorkeling. I spent a couple of days there and enjoyed it. Probably a gay beach, but no hassle and I enjoyed the relaxed vibe. Not sure how busy it would be in high season and your personal space, if you are conscious of that, might be challenged. But I had a good time there. The best beach I found during my brief stay. Bus from the old port in the town gave great service.

September 18th, 2019: When you access the beach, on the right side facing the sea, towards Agrari beach, the sunbeds and umbrellas take the whole space. If you want to use one sunbed, you will have to pay €40. A straight naked couple was using the very last sunbed and umbrella. Past that last one, there is only a small cove 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep where people not using the sunbeds cans sit on the beach. On that day, I saw three single males naked and a straight couple naked among 20-25 textile people. Over the rocks, there is another cove which was crowded with naked males exclusively. Overall, not really a good beach for naturism any more.

August 2021: The above described cove over the rocks behind the western part of the beach was again quite crowded. Almost everyone naked, men and women, relaxed atmosphere.


Kalo Livadi

See Kalo Livadi on Google Maps

Large area for textiles, but at the far West end plenty of room for nudists. The nudist end is not widely known (at least not before it appeared on this site) so a relatively small number of nudists was there. A Barefooter who visited in 2006 was angry to have to pay 5 euros for a very small bottle of beer at the taverna.
Had a good visit in June 2014 as a straight nude/topless couple, but to be comfortable entry to the West end which they dub 'gay' but all are welcome. Felt very happy walking and swimming nude but this was in June, not high season, and there were nude sunbathers in the area before the extreme right hand end of recliners. As with Paranga, the further East (left) you go, the less nude and topless and the more textile families. One of the best nude beaches on the island if you like a bit of company and people to watch.


See Lia on Google Maps

This beach is about 14km from Mykonos town towards the East of the island. The road is clearly signposted and you now drive past the Fish Taverna on a newly-built road/track. You can park the car in the car parking area and then you are on the beach. There are no facilities on the beach but it is good coarse sand. The beach shelves steeply to deep water, only swim if you are a good swimmer. During my contributors' visit to Lia Beach, they were the only ones on it from about 09:30 till about 15:00 when a party of four turned up. They saw they were naked and immediately stripped off too. Very isolated and secluded amongst the rocks, a perfect haven for naturists. 100% naturism on weekdays.

Lia has become a very nouveau-riche, upper-middle-class Greek beach, too many people and definitely no longer the secluded, hard-to-reach one it used to be. August 2003 was terrible. Not one person nude here and few topless.

When we read the comment about Lia, we really be surprised and feel unlucky. 'Cause this year, 2010 September, when we were in Lia, we just saw one or two topless women. No nudists! There is a big tavern. The beach is crowded. And also the way for coming to the beach was the most difficult thing that we have ever experienced. The way is not good but also the signs say nothing…

Recent reports

I went to Lia Beach on 9th October. As it was low season, the beach bar was closed. When I arrived with my wife (11:00 am) there were two nudist couples on the beach (the only people on the beach). During the day some people arrived to see the beach and some of them stayed a little on the beach (some naturists and some textile). No problem with naturist and textiles. No more than 24 people on the beach this day (not counting the ones that just stopped for a photo). If you follow the trail on the rocks of the left side you will reach MINI LIA, that is a more secluded and empty beach. We went there and there were only 3 people (this day all of them textiles, but you could be naked there).



See Tsangari on Google Maps

A contributor found this beach in the last week of August 2003 when in Mykonos on day trip and desperate to find somewhere for a nude swim after Elia became swamped by textiles mid-afternoon. They drove east to Lia which had good reports previously but beach crowded and exclusively textile so followed part-unmade, part-made road further east to next bay shown on the map as Tsangari. Parked 4WD 200ft or so above a grey shingle beach and walked down along reasonably well trodden path through field. Small(ish) beach with nice swimming. Approx 200ft long. At 4pm when they arrived 2 nude couples and nude male/textile female couple on beach only. 2 single males arrived later. Most seem to have walked round rocks from Lia although at least one other couple in car. Several people snorkelled. No facilities on beach. Several villas overlooking beach under construction or already completed. Get there quickly if you want peace and quiet on overcrowded Mykonos.

This must be the same beach another contributor has told me about. This tiny, beautiful beach is located right next to Lia, about a 10 minute walk through a field of dry weed and rocks. It is worth it. The "next to Lia" beach is very secluded, few take the trek down and maximum of 10 people on the beach during peak hours. Many days, it is only a couple at best and they are certainly nude. Sandy beach with nice cliff/rock formation on the sides.

A Barefooter who visited in September 2005 described it as a delightful beach, naturally sheltered from the wind. Mostly nude towards the east end, some textiles on the west end where the path from the textile beach comes around. You can park up on the dirt road and walk down. It is easier than it looks to get down. Clean water, good atmosphere. Mostly couples, straight and gay. It is quite a trek from Mykonos town on a scooter and the road to and from Chora can be exposed to the wind.

In June 2024 we shared the beach with no more than 15 people, half of them were naturists spread across the beach. The beach is still unorganised, offers crystal clear water and has small pebbles. Spent a great day there.


See Frangia on Google Maps

According to a report from August 2004, if you go on following the coast past Tsangari (the footpath is not clearly marked, just follow the coast) you will arrive at a larger sandy beach, 400m long, almost desert, with only a few brave naturists (brave for having reached the beach, not for being nude!). My contributor rated this beach 100%. A deserted naturist beach in Mykonos in August!!!


See Fokos on Google Maps


If you have rented a bike or a car and wish for absolutely peaceful scenery, you can reach Fokos beach, which is mainly used by couples. The beach beautiful, but shingle. My correspondent visited during June 2001. 100% nude during weekdays, on Saturday it was nude in the morning and 90% textile in the afternoon, because of many locals spending the weekend. In the year 2000, it was normally a nudist paradise, this year a new taverna has started and advertises how to reach the beach. This brings some textiles there. However in September 2001 the beach was 50% nude and was highly rated because it was so peaceful. It sounds like one of those beaches where the early arrivals set the trend. However beware of going there if the Meltemi is blowing! There are also reports of tar on the beach, so be careful.

October 2013 - no nudists. Panormos a better option. Avoid both in a North wind.


Mersini Bay

One bay west of Fokos. The dirt road going west of Fokos takes you there. Deserted except for one textile family. Pleasant, sandy beach. Ideal if you wish to be alone or just with your own friends.



See Panormos on Google Maps

In May 2000 the end opposite to the taverna was 100% nude, mainly couples aged 30s to 50s, very uncrowded, very relaxed atmosphere. The side closer to the taverna is mainly textile, only few brave nudists. If the wind is blowing, forget about it or go on the rocks after the end of the beach where there are some secluded spots. Reports suggest that this is now one of the "in" beaches for nudism.

A report from early August 2002 says it's a beautiful beach, easy to reach, great scenery and clean water, and not too crowded, especially in the area towards the end, away from the taverna. Textile in the beginning of the beach (lots of topless), 95% naked at the end: couples aged 30-40 (gay and straight), also single men and some women (never more than 20 people overall). Very relaxing, made my contributor's girlfriend go nude for the first time with enthusiasm! However, some gawkers walk by, mainly Greek and Italians, but the beach is overall quiet and large enough to avoid close stares.

A report from early October 2004 described this as another windswept haven for naturists. A mix of Greek, French, German, Scandinavians, British, Americans all with the same thing on their minds - enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Weekends about 75% nude, weekdays 100% for most of the time. As it was virtually the end of the season my contributor and his wife were the only ones on the beach from 10:00 till about 12:30 when another couple turned up at the other end of the beach - it was still 100% nude!! Absolutely no hassle at all and not an eyelid batted even at the weekend. A July 2005 report describes Panormos as the only good nudist beach found on Mykonos. In the nudist area it was 50/50 textile/nude, but only 6-7 nude couples on the nude part of the beach. The part close to the cool but expensive taverna is textile. And a report from July 2007 says that the road to the beach has now been tarmacked.

Aug 2010: still a handful of nudists at the south end - the area next the taverna is packed solid with textiles.
Panormos (Oct 2013) away from taverna end very special beach with mostly nudists. Good atmosphere - not noisy and plenty space.
Another report from Sept 2014 says there is now a bus service to here and Ag Sostis, but didn't think the beach was anything special.

Recent reports

September 2023 - GREAT NEWS. The Principote club was closed this year and is currently knocking down some of the illegal building works. Story here and here. This means that the beach is back open for business. Tranquility restored (at least for this year). Parking is still a little tight but is possible around closer to the beach (near the Albatross hotel). Nudists scattered from about mid way down the beach to the end. No issues. This has been a big issue with the local Mykonians for many years and they are so happy that they might just be getting (some of) their island back.

Panormous_2023_Entrance Entrance
Panormous_2023_Wide Whole of the Panormous bay
Panormous_2023_FarEnd Looking back from the far end.

Agia Sostis

See Ag Sostis on Google Maps

The Captain hears that two kilometres past Panormos lays Sostis beach, a very beautiful beach. About half the people there were nude, mostly at the end towards the rock. My contributor thinks it a superb beach and rates it 9 out of 10.

Apparently for the people who are in the know about Mykonos, the real Mykonos-set. No umbrellas but apparently lots of watersports. You will need a vehicle to get there, the Captain understands there is no bus or boat service.

A report from August 2003 says that at that time - peak season - it was the only one of the main beaches with any nudists.

A report from early October 2004 describes Sostis as an excellent sandy beach although very windy due to the Meltemi. The beach was 100% nude for most of the week (there were only 6 people on the beach - 1-8 October), the only exception was on the Saturday and Sunday when the local Greek inhabitants visited. This was then down to approx 50% nude. Although it was a steep descent to the beach it was well worthwhile. Good for swimming once clear of the pebbles at the water's edge. No hassle at all from anyone. Very pleasing to be able to go nude without offending anyone.

Some contributors recommend Kikis taverna at Ag Sostis - not to be missed.
August 2010: about 250 people on the beach and in the water - none apparently nude.

September 2022 Great beach with nudist at the far end. Seemed to be quite a lot of locals on this beach (more at weekends) and nearly all nude at the far end. Very relaxed and friendly.


Picture is looking back from the 'far end' towards the beach entrance.

September 2023 Still as per 2022, slightly quieter this year but all nude down at the far end (possibly quieter as Panormos is back in business.


Kapri / Kapari

See it on Google Maps

A beautiful beach on the Agios Ioannis peninsula. Some correspondents might be interested that this bay was used for the love scene in Shirley Valentine. A mixture of nudists and textiles, although on my visits (Sept. 2010) nudists were slightly outnumbered. The rocks offer privacy for those who want it. Paths along the rocky peninsula allow a beautiful view back along the beach. Highly recommended.


May 2011: We just got back from Ag. Ioannis and Kapari beach… was awesome time, quite lonely in May and only nudists around - except Sunday when some textiles appeared. Behind the rocks though there is some intimacy left…

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