This Western Cycladean island appears to offer some naturist possibilities. It is growing in popularity, however, and with increased crowds naturists have a tendency to be crowded out. It does have an airport, but very small.

Tourism has dramatically increased in the islands. In previous years, September was usually a quiet month. This is not true for Milos in 2014. Some beaches had 50 or 100 tourists. With lots of tourists, the possibilities for nudism decrease. The good news is there are still some possibilities for nudism on Milos. The bad news is that you will not feel comfortable being naked on the overwhelming majority of beaches. It does vary from day to day. You may, in fact, find that you have a beach or section of a beach to yourself for an hour or several hours. Generally, however, you will only consistently find nudism 1) on the far western beaches of Triades and Ammoudaraki or 2) on Achivadolimni (also called Hivadolimni) a short drive (or a long walk) from Adamas.

late August 2017: The Island is sinking in Italian Families: everywhere is absolutely full. No chance to go nude, apart from 2 places as I note below.
Bottom line - wanna practice naturism in August in Milos? Go elsewhere; even Serifos is more Naturist-friendly than this….
Finally in an island where nudism is not so easy, it is better to concentrate on one spot, where it is then easier to resist textile swimmers.


"I just got back from a 10-day visit to Milos (my second time there) and there were topless women everywhere. I even saw an entire family naked playing ping-pong in the surf. I myself went topless (by the way, I'm a woman) and when I would suntan, I was completely nude. No one seemed to mind…especially not the beautiful man whom I met the day before…God, I love Greece and I love Milos…. "

This is not the only report of this kind I have received about Milos. What is it about this island..?!!

A Barefoot reporter was in Milos and Folegandros between end of May and beginning of June 2010. That meant only a very limited number of tourists on both islands: often my contributor was on the beaches alone or only with other two/three people. That’s the reason it is quite difficult to say if they could have been nudist spots or not. In Milos there are beaches with different grades of difficulty or “reachability”, all of them sandy with clear waters.

from Adamas anti-clockwise round the island


This is the main town beach close east of Adamas and backed by the main road to the south of the island. It is sandy and shallow, with plenty of trees for shade and a few bushes further along before the boatyard. There has been a report in the forum of nudist use outside the main season, but you will have to assess the situation for yourself when you arrive.


Achivadolimni/Mavra Gremna

See on Google Maps

Achivadolimni and Mavra Gremna are two contiguous sandy beaches facing north in the bay of Milos, just west of the camp site and the road junction for Provatas and Fyriplaka. From the town you come to Mavra Gremna first, 800m after the Airport Junction, and before the camping. Achivadolimni is trendy, while Mavra Gremna is more natural. A long, straightish flight of not-too-steep steps descends from the road at about the point of name-change.

To the visitor they appear as one long beach, reportedly the longest on the island. They are best when there is a south wind or no wind at all, as the north wind blows into them and may bring some flotsam from the sea or blur the waters. The eastern part, Mavra Gremna is clothes optional, and the further away you go from Achivadolimni the nuder it gets. Obviously the above applies for the high season, as in low season (May to mid-June, October) the beach is fairly abandoned and you can go skinny-dipping everywhere.

A Barefooter who visited in June 2004 was very impressed. Nudism was practised on the right side of the beach as you face the sea. The sea was crystal clear and it was not at all crowded.

A Barefooter visiting July 2011 confirms that the right side of the beach is near 100% nude.

Access to Achivadolimni:
During high season there is a regular bus service from Adamas some five or six times a day. The service is posted "Adamas - Camping - Achivadolimni". There is a beach bar and umbrellas for rent near the bus terminus. This part of the beach is clothed and occasionally one sees topless women. There is plenty of parking space for those with their own vehicle.
August 2013: Before the camping, you go down the green stairs and then turn right. Keep in mind, it's a northern beach [even though in the midst of the island] so the waters during August won't be the calmest nor the cleanest ones.

Access to Mavra Gremna:
After you pass the abandoned Salt Pans and Airport junction the road climbs uphill, then goes through a small cliff and starts going down. There are two footpaths to Mavra Gremna. One is after the first big right curve, after the cliff. The second one is two curves after that. Neither is signposted, but you can guess either by seeing other cars parked in the middle of nowhere, or checking it on Google Maps.

The first footpath branches right off the main road some 500 metres after the Airport sign. Usually you can see scooters or cars parked by the path. It takes some three minutes to get down to the beach. The location on Google Earth is 36°41'29.73"N 24°27'18.82"E

A second footpath, further ahead on the same road, can be seen easily as you drive by. Look for the handrails at the head of the stairs down to the beach and it is easy to climb down. Same as previously, scooters or cars parked show the obvious location. The location on Google Earth is 36°41'26.63"N 24°27'11.70"E and buses stop here on request.

In my reporter's opinion the first path leads to the best part of the beach, as there is a little bit of shade - some four or five trees. In any case as it is a long sand beach you can easily walk from one end to the other. One often sees textile couples walk along from Achivadolimni to Mavra Gremna, remove their bathing suits for a dip, then dress up and walk back.

I have another reporter who was there in the first two weeks of September 2014 and says: "If you come to the campground, you've gone too far. Turn around. There are a couple of spots to park and a stairway in the middle. For the nude part, you'll find a small parking lot as the road starts to head up after you pass the airport. You basically want to head to the far eastern end of this long beach. We went four times and there were always more nudists than textiles on the eastern quarter of the beach. It's a huge beach, so you can find a quiet place and get naked. The only drawback is that the wind direction can bring some trash into the waters and onto the beach at times. Other than that, it's a really lovely beach, 15 minutes or less from Adamas and a nice option for nudism without the hardship of driving to the Western side of the island."

Recent reports

September 17-19, 3 days nude on Achivadolimni beach. After searching at least ten other beaches on Milos we found Achivadolimni to be one of the most beautiful and convenient for nude sunbathing and swimming. The beach is very large with both ends of it used by families. The middle of the beach was used by naturists without any issues. It is so large it is possible to go for naked strolls down the beach. Most of the nude beaches on Milos are down dirt roads and difficult to access but this is the exception. It has really nice soft sand and beautiful clear shallow water.

Triades & Ammoudaraki

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These are the best bit in Milos. 2 x 3 = 6 beautiful beaches just for you. The difficulty is how to get there. You can go with a normal car but you should be careful at some spots of the gravel road. A different report says a four-wheel-drive auto is best, but it is a difficult and long drive to this western part of Milos. Take the road round the bay from Adamas to Hivadolimni and Empourio. It can take an hour or so to get there but it's certainly worth the effort.

Before you reach the beaches there is a fork in the road with two signposts, one for Triades (right) and one for Ammoudaraki (left) and you must decide which set of three to head to. Strangely, we did not find a path to connect the two sets. [See 2011 report for additional details] After 2 km you reach the spot where you should leave your car. Walk down the path (easier at Triades) and you're on the first beach. Once there, the further you walk from the parking areas, the more likely you will find nudism. Each time we went, we found other nudists on at least one of the beaches. There is enough room to put some distance between yourself and other bathers so that you can feel comfortable even if there are textiles. A real paradise. Sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

If you have time to spend and you stay in Milos more than 3-4 days you should visit these beaches. We rate them 100% although it needs time. These photos are from 1st and 3rd (officially nudist) beaches:

flickr:4527880398 flickr:4527879708

July: The 1st beach was occupied by 2 dressed Greek families, so we decided to have a look at the following ones (south of the 1st one, easily accessible by paths on the hills) :
- 2nd one was empty, but the currents brought much seaweed, and it was not comfortable at all for swimming
- 3rd one was just amazingly beautiful, we were totally alone, so, we went naked all day. When we decided to leave at 17:30, a Greek family just arrived there, and they stayed dressed. The cliffs over the beach are just beautiful. Of course, the water is clear, as in all Cyclades, but there is not much to see when snorkelling.

Agios Ioannis

See on Google Maps

Three beaches on the south-western coast. A real adventure to get there, and no help if your car breaks down: This is the far edge of the world… But the second beach is practically nude, while the third one is almost always free of tourists, and the best place to go if you want to be alone with your girlfriend. The water is OK, not the best, but the landscape is good. Most of the surrounding is wild, no inhabitants around the area. Worth seeing if on Milos for several (>4) days. My correspondent gave this one 75%.

A report from September 2000 describes these beaches as the most beautiful on the island. The second and third beaches were predominantly nude but several couples were unclothed at the north end of the first curved beach. The ride from Adamas, however, is tricky and takes almost an hour, with the last half hour over very poor roads with no protection against the sheer cliffs.

Recent reports

August: FORGET Provatas and Agios Ioannis they are NOT anymore nudist beaches, and local testimonies confirmed it to me for the all season 2015. We were the only 2 naked swimmers and soon gave up.


See on Google maps

At Gerontas, which is another difficult drive, my contributors were the first to arrive at 10am but were joined by 1pm by over ten different Greek couples who remained in bathing suits.
August 2013: Crowded in the high season, so only clothed.


See on Google Maps

Rather messy to get there, but worth the scenery and the underwater beauty. Very crowded (and thus dressed) during mid-summer, but nudism is possible between the rocks. My correspondent rates this beach 70%.


See on Google Maps

In the south of the Island, well served by bus from Adamas in the Summer. There are two lovely beaches, the first near hotels is mostly clothed, but the other, below where the bus terminates at the church of Aghios Nikolais, is wonderful and mostly nude. The water is unbelievably clear and calm, being sheltered from the north wind. To get down to the beach walk by the church and down the rather steep cliff immediately below the church and you follow a path and get to the beach. There is a snack bar above Provatas main beach. My correspondent's rating: 85%.

According to a report from September 2003 the bus now terminates at the hotel above the eastern beach. Immediately below the church (labelled Aghios Sostis) is a private residence with what looked like its own, stony, beach. Perhaps my previous correspondent is thinking of a descent between the two which now has a restaurant at the top: the sandy beach here was entirely textile on my new contributor's visit (Sept. 2003).

flickr:4527877762 flickr:4527247311

Recent reports

A Saturday, June: a real family beach, the sandy part that is.


See on Google Maps

The nudist part is after the rocks on the farthest end of the beach. Crystal clear waters and a very impressive landscape. The road is not as bumpy as it was, as most of it has been paved recently. And an ugly factory stands 2km before the beach - don't be misled, it is the right direction! Dressed part is very crowded during the summer, there is no bus service, a beach bar with cold beverages and sandwiches is available though. It is said to be the second most beautiful landscape on the island after Sarakiniko, and the water really is impressive.


My (anonymous) correspondent, to whom the Captain is very grateful for all this information, gives the beach an 80% rating.

A report from September 2000 described Firiplaka as beautiful and nude (3 couples) at the western end. At the centre of the beach there is a snack bar and beach chairs and umbrellas and a large number of fully-suited visitors.

The beach was deserted at the end of May 2001 apart from a noisy pump getting sea water up to the quarry above. There is a dusty narrow track down to the beach from the quarry. It was quite easy to drive down and up in May but there could be problems if it was busy. There is a small car park at the bottom above the beach.

In September 2003 my contributors found that even the (western) part after the rock pillar was textile, and took refuge on a stony beach beyond, where there was already one nude couple and several more joined them. As the sea is very rocky to enter, they returned after an hour or two to find that the lovely sandy beach, occupied by textiles when first passed, had become 50% naturist: some brave soul must have started a fashion!

Recent reports

July: This beach is no longer nude at this time of the year. A taverna is installed on the main beach, and they rent umbrellas and transats.
The west part of the beach (behind the big rock), can be considered as nude, we went naked, but after some minutes, some dressed families came over, so we dressed up back.
August: 0% nudity. Another of the busiest beaches on the island.

Agia Kyriaki & Psarovolada

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Agia Kyriaki itself is not suitable for nudism any more, thanks to the trendy (=noisy) beach bar. However, there is a footpath on the left (east) of the beach. You can walk along the rocks that separate Agia Kyriaki beach from the next beach, which is out of sight. You have to be a bit careful, but the whole thing is not more than 70 metres. At the end of those rocks there is a beach called Psarovolada. It is actually two middle-sized beaches separated by a convenient rock that offers more privacy. The sand is brownish black and the water is clear. It is usually totally nude.

August 2013: Agia Kyriaki - Agreed 0% nudity. Another of the busiest beaches on the island.
Psarovolada - Unclothed but accessed exclusively via a 10-15 min walk through very steep and thus dangerous rocks.
August 2017: The Beach next to Agia Kyriaki, which is secluded, and requires a serious hike with some hiking knowledge and ability and at least tennis shoes. There was one more couple totally nude and us (hetero couple) very nice and clean beach


See on Google Maps

The Captain has received various reports about this beach but has not yet been there himself, so this has been re-compiled from the more recent reports. There is a bus service 6 times daily (2010 - three trips out and back) or you can go by car - all tarmac. In season you may be able to arrive there by boat from Empourios Beach too.

Paliochori beach is widely thought one of the best beaches in Greece. It is the second biggest on Milos, about 1500m long with 3 sections, separated by high rocky promontories. The alignment is west-east, with a spectacular cliff peninsula beyond the east end. Since much of the rock is soft, cliff-climbing is inadvisable and you should check the face above you when setting up 'camp' below. Nudists may be found on each section, but you will have to assess the situation on each day for yourself.


The west beach is the smallest and is most easily reached via the tall archway above the final descent to the hamlet - the bus stops here on request. Access is through the taverna and down quite a lot of steps. This is nowadays a nudist beach only in the sense that no-one is likely to complain; at one time it had the reputation of being the gay beach. There is a smell of sulphur and when you swim out a wee bit and stand on the sandy bottom it feels quite warm. The area is obviously volcanic (the whole island is the top of an old and very large volcano - hence the mineral deposits). It used to be possible to get to/from the central beach by a natural tunnel along part of the shore, but this was closed by a rockfall in 2001 so, unless you are prepared to wade or swim, you have to use a rough track over the top, zig-zagging down to the hamlet.

The central main beach is about 800m long and there's a seasonal cantina about 300m along from the three tavernas fronting the hamlet. Like the others, it is mainly sandy with excellent bathing. Most bus passengers go no further. The east end beyond a solitary boulder is often nudist or clothes-optional.

The east beach (now frequented by some gays, the Captain is told) is reached by continuing through the rocks, around the point, then along a series of ledges usually just above water level. This is a pretty beach with several 'bays' between interesting water-worn rocks, but no facilities. Overwhelmingly naturist, sand and pebbles.

Recent reports

June: hard to get past the rocks. The east end (before the rocks) was 100% nude. Not too busy. I was in the middle between the bar and the rocks and could go nude.


Thiafes (Thiorychia)

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A very popular place, the abandoned Sulphur Quarries. The beach is small, and not very nudist in the middle of the summer, but in June/September it is. Very difficult to get there, (ask for directions several times) and the road is dangerous. Don' t try it with your brand new Cinquecento! My correspondent's rating is 65%.

Barefoot reporters who visited Thiafes during July 2007 tell me that the beach during the high season is totally textiles-only - but, on the left side of the beach (facing the sea) just before the beach ends, a big fallen rock and some smaller ones build a small cove which is not totally hidden but still provides a very good place to sunbathe nude. They were able to go nude into the water and nobody seemed to be bothered. People noticed that a couple was swimming nude and they did not even come closer.

The road to Thiafes is indeed hard work and beware: do not even think of trying to get to the end of the road without a 4x4 or an enduro-bike. My reporters did that, unfortunately, and had a nightmare driving up again. Best to leave the car or the bike at the end of the dirt road above the beach before the old fence of the sulphur mines.



See on Google Maps

When you reach Voudia, after you reach the entrance to the factory, continue for a little while, until you find a small road in bad condition that will take you to the beach. It will not be very nice while you are close to the mine site, but as you walk down the beach there are plenty of secluded gulfs, with normally one naked couple on each one. Find an empty one and unpack, you will be alone all day, just take water and snacks with you. The beach is nice and sandy, with a few rocks in the water, perfect if you want some time alone with your partner. The only bad thing is the view of the mine on one side…


A report from August 2013: It's in the northeastern part of the island, near Voudia [directions please]. There are 3 small beaches with few people. As happens often, the first one sets the trend.

Aghios Konstantinos

See on Google Maps

June 2010: A correspondent's favourite, on the North side of the island, reachable with a 5 minute detour from the main paved road. It is rather sheltered, so with the exception of a direct N wind, always calm. It has a nice view of the Glaronissia islands and a small natural lagoon on the right side (looking at the sea). Some small trees can offer you some shade on the clean sand. On the left side nudist people, otherwise mixed.

Another correspondent confirms this is an excellent, shallow (so warm water), sandy beach. The lagoon is called Alogomandra, and the main part Mourj (pronounced moor'ya) which is where the nudists tend to go, from the tree circle westwards. Textiles tend to stick near the main car park to the right and in Alogomandra.

August 2011: When we were there the strong North winds made the beach unpleasant. There was no-one there, because of the wind (this was in early August), so I can’t say if it is used by nudists or not.

late August 2017: The beach Alogomantra on the North, noticed a couple of elderly men naked, however the wind was so strong (as always in August in the Cyclades) that it was absolutely impossible to swim, let alone stay on the beach naked as the sand was whipping you all over.


Another good beach for nude bathing is Sarakiniko on the north coast, but avoid when windy! A late June 2010 visitor says you can expect a numerous textile audience arriving in coachloads…. Mostly white, silica rocks with very little actual sand. There are old sand mine tunnels in the bank at the back to explore, or shelter from the sun in.

This photo is in full colour!

Bombarda & Lagada

See on Google Maps

Lagada is a pleasant town beach, but right in front of the Lagada Beach Hotel (formerly the Venus Village) and no chance of naturism. Walk straight through. Bombarda, which is less than a mile from Adamas town, appeared from the distance to be a possibility but during my contributor's visit (Sept. 2003) was deserted except for a camper van: his guidebook says it is an unofficial campsite. Another visitor in June 2010 found it still remarkably deserted even at a weekend. There is a pleasant shady grove of tamarisk trees backed by an old French military cemetery, and round the corner another line of tamarisk along the beach. Beach is pebbles and gravel, with washed-up sea-grass, but once in the water the bottom is a mixture of sand and mud with sparse sea-grass, etc. going well out. Not a typical, idyllic Greek beach, but handy if you're staying in town and short of time. Another nudist couple were on a minute patch of sand even closer to Lagada.

July 2011: Lagada is not and will never be a nude beach. It is a beach right out front of a hotel. We walked along the coast to Bombarda, but found it not very nice. It’s a bit dirty and feels like the place where Adamas gets rid of its illegal trash.

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