You can rent a cheap room in the village-port (€20 for two people, including breakfast, in 2004) and go to Livadi beach on foot in few minutes.

There are said to be other nudist beaches, but some distance from the port-village, so it is normal to get there by taxi-boat.

Livadi beach

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This is quite a large sandy beach which is very quiet. Livadi beach is extremely shallow and the dry sand seems rather earthy and therefore dirty. It is also bad for various biting flies.

According to a report following a visit in May 2002 there are two large official looking No Camping signs, one at the start of the beach and the other where campers would camp. There is general nudity at the far end of Livadi beach and no reference to it on the signs. It looked as if two local nudists also used the beach in late afternoon. My contributor rated it 30%.

In June 2004, Barefoot reporters were able to go nude all the time on the right hand side of Livadi beach (facing the sea). Nudism was normal both for the tourists and for the locals (95 % nudes). Camping in tents was forbidden, but sleeping-bags were tolerated. Only on Saturday and Sunday a few local textiles settled on the left side of the beach for a short time (one or two hours), but there were no problems because the locals were very tolerant.

In July 2009 Livadi beach was not crowded and at the deep end there were some tents belonging to Greek people. They were naked around the tents and the beach the whole day. You can freely be naked until the middle of the beach where is the volleyball net. On weekends the beach will be crowded from Greek families and nudism can only be practised on the right hand side of the beach. When we were there only 4 to 6 people maximum were naked.
If it is a windy day the sea is very rough and the sand is blasting into your eyes. It is only a short walk from the village and most of the time you can get a lift from the locals.

In July 2013 Livadi beach was still not crowded, only a little bit at weekends, most of them Greek. At the deep end there were some tents belonging to Greek people, police came once to tell them that camping is prohibited, but they all stayed. They were naked around the tents and the beach the whole day. You can still freely be naked until the middle of the beach where is the volleyball net. Nudism can be practised on weekends too, you have to go to the end of the beach. Beware of stones and cliffs in the water, there are some sea-urchins, after windy days you have to watch out at the beach too for them. Sometimes you can get a lift from the locals to the beach.

End of June 2018 we spent several days at Livadi - lots of nudism at the right hand end of the beach even on Saturday and Sunday. Beach was not very busy, and there are trees for shelter. It's sandier under the water if you go into the sea at the far right-hand side. Sadly on Tuesday 26 June bad weather forecasts led to 10 yachts sheltering at Livadi, and lots of clothed people came ashore from yachts. No-one was nude until most of the textiles had left the right hand side, then 3 ladies went topless late afternoon (me included) but we all swam in costumes as it was not possible to be discreetly nude on the way to the sea. Had some really good food in the taverna just across the road - but it's very expensive!

May 2019: A lovely big beach with great swimming water. Plenty of fish near the cliffs and nice trees for shade. We spent a couple of days there and the nudist part of the beach (far side of the beach volley net) always had at least one or two other naked couples. The water is very undeep for the first 30 metres or so and the currents are weak, so it's ideal to visit with children.

Alimia beach

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June 2009: On the far south west end of the island there is a fantastic bay with a sandy beach. A small fisherman's pier on the right. The bay is hard to find hiking overland but not impossible. I will recommend that you either stop over passing by in a charter boat or ask some of the fishermen in the ferryport to take you there. Some remains of goats in the area and as the bay is not regularly visited by others than a fisherman it has some litter. That said we spent two days naked on our charter sailboat and on the beach in this bay. Good shelter from the Meltemi and just a small swell into the bay. One of the truly unspoiled spots remaining. No supplies in the area, you will have to bring all you need for your stay.

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