The ferry journey from Pireus to Amorgos can take 12 hours (and this assumes you can find a timetable, but that's another story). Some of the Captain's contributors return year after year, such is the pull of Amorgos.

Boats usually stop at the two ports, Katapola and Egiali (shown on local signs as Aigiali). There is now a good road between the two ports and a regular bus service. One contributor says the boat berthed in Katapola for at least an hour and a half before moving on to Egiali, but the trip was worth the wait. The landscape of the sheer cliffs was eerie and coming into Egiali was an experience.

In order anticlockwise beginning with the Egiali beaches


Egiali is a pleasant village in the north of the island accessible by ferry and by bus from Katapola. It is still pretty low-key but is beginning to wake up to tourist possibilities. There are ample tavernas and some pleasant bars.

The large, sandy beach adjacent to the port and shop fronts is a textile beach with a sign at the beginning of the beach path which says no nudism.

Beyond this beach are three smaller bays; Levrossos, Psili Ammos and Hochlakas. The path to each can be reached from a car park above Levrossos bay that is accessed to the left as you take the road behind Aegali beach up towards a large 5* spa hotel, or on foot by following the beach path. Walking would take about 15 - 20 minutes from Egiali. Follow one of the two paths down from the parking area until you see signs pointing "to the beach" - the path to Levrossos goes left through a new taverna which overlooks the beach. Alternatively take the path behind the tavernas and apartments to the right to take the cliff path to Psili Ammos or on to Hochlakas.


This beach is composed of golden sand and is undoubtedly pleasant. Previous correspondents reported that some days this cove was 99% nudist and the next 10%. The Captain visited in June 2003 and found this report to be correct (we were able to go nude comfortably on the second day but not on the first). There is, however, a large sign there which includes "nudism" as one of the don't-dos but nonetheless the practice is as I have reported. A report from July 2007 says the beach was mainly textile but the far end, nearest Egiali, was 100% naturist, with a few single girls and couples and it rated 80%. Swimming was pleasant. In July 2011 the last part near Egiali, beside the stone was 100% naturist, with some couples and girls that are regular customers of the island.

The second week of May 2018 my son and I visited the beach. According to local websites the beach is "nudist-friendly". I am a bit worried about the future of the beach. Near the naturist side of the beach construction was going on of a taverna or beachbar. So the naturist side will be more exposed. Please check this out in July or August if my fear is right and report on this website.
2nd half of August 2018: passed above it in 3 occasions on our way to Psili Ammos: seemed to be 100% textile :-(

May 2019: The first cove had been completely built up. Although the westernmost tavern is a nice place, its presence probably killed the nudism vibe on this beach. You can use it as watering hole on your [way] back or to Psili Ammos though.
June 2019: All textile except for one couple under the rocks at the far end of the bay late in the day

June 2023: All textile except for about 2 people behind the rock and 6 people on the rocks at the far end of the bay.

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The next two beaches along the path (Psili Ammos & Hochlakas, in this order) are not very difficult to get to, the Captain is assured the path is easy. When going to the first of the two it is important to stay above the stone wall immediately after Levrossos. The beaches are mixed sand and stones. They are both very beautiful spots. A Barefoot reporter has visited them in the months of June, the beginning of July and September. They have always been nudist and, better yet, completely deserted.

Psili Ammos

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A report from late July 2017: From Aegiali you can reach this nice and quiet beach, just reach and leave your car/motorbike at Levrossos Beach, reach the shore and cross the the beach north direction, you'll see a path that leads you to the beach, relaxing beach, 90% nude, nice view, few people, nice swim.

Second week of May 2018: very quiet and 100% naturist. Mid June 2018 a beach boat started coming across from Egiali once an hour, so it was a bit busier, but still almost all naturist. Nice swim, bit shingly and rocky (it's the worst beach called Psili Ammos I've been on - sand much better elsewhere eg Egiali beach but elsewhere not naturist!)
2nd half of August 2018: depending on time of the day textile/naturist mix was highly variable from 10% to 40% nude. Mixing of textiles and naturists not an issue.

May 2019: We had the beach to ourselves during the afternoon. Swimming is nice, and there's plenty of fish too. It's on the hiking trail so you'll run into occasional walkers, but they're rarely the crowd to cause a ruckus.
June 2019: A lovely beach, mixed about 40% but no issues. By the end of the day we were alone wandering the beach in the golden sun. Blissful. Some shade under the trees at the back of the beach but no facilities.

July 2021: No facilities. Mixed crowd naturists and textiles. A few free campers at the back of the beach, under the trees.

A report about Amorgos, visited in the first week of July 2022:
We went 3 times to Psili Ammos. Most of the times there were some textiles present, but nudists were always the majority (usually concentrated at the left side of the beach). If you arrive early, you might find some shade under the trees. Access to the beach was not difficult, but you need to be careful in some parts of the path, where there is no protective fence (there is also has a number of thorny plants, specially when getting close to the beach). From Psili Ammos you can access Hochlakas. Contrary to the current information at the site, access did not look easy: you can see it´s a very steep path, where nothing protects you from a fall. I didn't try it but my partner did and confirmed it was not exactly safe, adding that the only advantage of Hochlakas would be that it's more secluded and presumably with less textiles, but it is smaller and not more beautiful than Psili Ammos to justify the trouble In spite of that, there is a constant flow of people going there, specially a younger crowd. Overall, we found Psili Ammos very pleasant, with enough space for everyone and nice for swimming.

First week of June 2023: Spread througout the day 20 people. 100% naturist.


The path is to the right along the beach and through a blue gateway.

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For more information about Amorgos try:
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There are two very beautiful sandy beaches on the small but spectacular island of Nikouria southwest of Eigiali, which Barefooters have rated 95%. During the high season there are small boats that take people from Agios Pavlos to the island in a few minutes. The boat leaves you on a long rocky beach (not very nice) but a short walk by trail (go to and then beyond the chapel) takes you to the two beaches. During the beginning of July there was naturism on the first beach and the second one was deserted. My reporter has the impression though that in August things there might be very different and not for the better!

July 2021: You can take a €5 return boat from Agios Pavlos, departing every hour from 10 am to 6 pm, last return to Agios Pavlos 7 pm. The first, and bigger beach, is not nice at all. The second is better and nudism is accepted (we saw just one male naked at the far end of the beach). The third beach was perfect and quiet, just another 3 textile couples when we arrived, we stripped off as soon as we arrived, no issues, during the day a few more couples came for a quick swim and some got naked too. No facilities around.

Here's the third beach again


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The black and white map says that naked bathing is "tolerated" on the westernmost beach of northern side of the bay of Katapola. This presumably refers to the beach named on local signs as Plakes beach. Plakes is the last stop of the small boat that leaves Katapola every hour from 9-10:00 till 17:00. Where people disembark most people are in their bathing-suits, but you then walk (and climb) to the left and you can immediately take off your clothes.


Plakes "beach" is not so much a beach, it is actually a series of flattish rock platforms next to deep water. There is nowhere where you can simply wade into the sea there. But the rocks are smooth and they dive vertically into the sea, providing excellent bases from where one can jump or dive into the turquoise sea. Also, because they are very much like cubes, the rocks provide very good cubicle-like spaces just for 1-3 people, where you can be just with yourself. A last and very important thing, is that Plakes looks to the West and so one can enjoy there all the sweetness of the late afternoon sun, while protected from the winds of the Aegean.

It's not too difficult to scramble around, and you can find a nice place for some sun and a dip into the water. You just have to find a good spot to climb out. Bring your snorkel, not a bucket and spade! It was 95% nude in September 2005.
2nd half of August 2018: rather busy, not easy to find a comfortable spot and at least 60% textile. Mixing of textiles and nudists not an issue though.

A boat sails from the south side of Katapola, near where the ferry berths, to what is described as Maltezi beach.
Beyond the rocks was the beach visited by the boat - a busy, entirely textile beach with a beach restaurant. There have been reports of nudism here in the off-season but by June it would have been out of the question.

There are said to be numerous coves around the island reachable only by boat which may well be suitable for nudism.

May 2019: We were in Katapola before the season started and when we walked towards Maltezi beach we encountered several nudists hanging out along the bay and on the peninsula with the little church. Preferring the sands of Maltezi we trekked on to find two German nudists there, so we joined them. Returned the following day to find two other nudist couples there.


Gramvousa island

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The island of Gramvousa is across from the beach at Kalotaritisa. During July and August there is a regular service with boats (3.50 Euros per person in 2007) who can take you back and forth. There are two main beaches on the island, which you can access from the boat that takes you there and there are several other private beaches which one can reach by renting a canoe or a pedal boat from Kalotaritisa. In June there was no regular service with the boats, but intrepid Barefooters found a guy at the canteen in Kalotaritisa beach, who for 15 Euros was willing to be their private captain. The first day there were three sail boats on the beach, most of the people were without any bathing suits. The second day another 7 people came later with a boat, and the beach was 100% naturist. The third day, our reporters had the whole island to themselves.

Barefoot reporters who were there in June 2007 liked this beach most of the 9 they visited on 5 islands. The road to Kalotaritisa is perfectly accessible with a small hire car. On the boat to Gramvousa Islet, they simply told the skipper when we wanted to be picked up (and he was there on time). The trip across took about 10 mins and they were the only ones on the boat. Apart from the odd visit by people with their own boats (who didn't stay long), at most there were 3 or 4 other couples on the beach when my reporters were there - mainly naturist. Beautiful clear water (you didn't need a snorkel to look at the fish), nicely shelving, secluded, sheltered sand/shingle beach with enjoyable walks along the water's edge. Obviously no facilities of any kind (and little shade). Fantastic - and it rated 100%!

June 2019: No regular boats to Gramvousa and the Captain would only do the transfer for a full boat-load of people so spent the day on Kalotaritisa, a lovely, calm bay with a sandy beach and a small beach cafe. All textile. Ended the day by exploring a small inlet about a mile back along the road where there is the impressive shipwreck of the Olympia.



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The beach is further down the island from Mouros. Follow the road that leads to Kalotaritisa, and after you pass the intersection for Mouros, keep going straight and after a while [a curious barefooter went measuring and a while is three kilometres, just before you reach the outskirts of Arkesini] you will see a sign - facing the other way - saying Amoudi beach. After a few metres you leave the vehicle/bike and you have to follow a relatively steep path for 30 min to end at the beach. The way back is approx 45 minutes. Make sure you bring water with you. The water there as you can see from the picture is amazing. There is hardly ever anybody there.


Mouros beach

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Barefoot reporters arrived there around 12:00 on a day in June 2006 and there was only one couple there at the far end. My contributors stayed until 18:00. The maximum number of people there was 15 people, where 5 of us were nude on the far side, and the others were wearing bathing suits. The beach has very clean waters, pebbly. The only problems are that as it is facing eastwards, after 18:00 there is no sun, so if there is a breeze you cannot support staying there for long. The other thing is that there is relatively a hard walk back. On the top there is a restaurant that serves everything. The Captain understands this beach gets crowded in August, and that the few naturists are all on the far end of the beach. A report from August 2008 found no nudes there at all.
July 2011: this is an historical nudist beach, because until 2006 there was no driveway. The Greek historical tourists are accustomed to consider it as "their beach" and it's not infrequent to see some nudists surrounded by textiles (but probably not in peak season).
July 2013: We reached the Mouros beach just right down from the taverna and carpark - all textile. However - to the left (looking down from the Taverna) two beaches within 100-200 metres distance, easy to reach by using small footpaths, both the beaches were 100% nude. The northernmost beach was a real nice experience.
July 2017: about 25 people on the beach, all textile, though some monokini. There's a great rocky outcrop on the farside of the beach. Climb it and go all the way to the end. It's a great place for nudism and jumping into the water.

July 2021: Follow the staircase to the first beach 100% textile, then walk East through the rocks, you'll easily arrive to a smaller beach, pebbled. When we arrived is was 100% naturist.

A bigger view of the best bit



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It is quite a rough scramble over the rocks from Agia Anna (see below). This beach is 100% naturist and maybe 20% gay as well. All medium-size rock it also has a fresh water spring (don't drink it, but it is good to wash off the salt after each dip).

The Captain finally made it here in June 2003 and thought that it's without doubt a beautiful spot but access is difficult and apart from the view the beach is, frankly, nothing special. This view has been endorsed by some other Barefooters.

But the Captain has been taken to task by a Barefoot reporter who is clearly a true fan of the beach. He disputes that it is a scramble to reach and says that the view of the monastery and the mountains in the distance makes one of the most spectacular beaches anywhere. There is no Caribbean sand (or Naxos sand) but the pebbles are quite comfortable, says my reporter. The Captain can only recommend that you try it for yourself.

In July 2011 this beach (the stone path is a little uncomfortable) was 90% nudist with some gay couples and young couples (also Greek).
2nd half of August 2018: very nice place, need a bit of scrambling on rocks to get there but really worth it, 60% to 100% naturist on a Sunday. Mixing of textiles and naturists not an issue.

July 2021: From Agia Anna you have to walk through the rocks towards South, to the end, to arrive to a small pebbled beach. When we arrived there were a few more couples, a mixed crowd textile and naturist, no issues and very quiet. No facilities or shade.

First week of July 2022: We went once to Kambi. Small beach, exposed to winds, with a magnificent view, including the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. You can get some shade under the rocks in the right side. It was quite empty, only two other people, all of them nude. Access, starting at the right side of Aghia Anna beach, do include some rock scrambling but at the least the path is not steep.

Agia Anna

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Amorgos is an island for walkers with a good, really good, black and white, specially drawn walkers' map. On it Agia Anna is described as suitable for naked bathing.

From the bus stop at Agia Anna there is either a concrete path down to the left to the textile beach with the chapel on it (no nudism here). About 50m down this path one can go right and scramble across the rocks to a lovely ledge where an afternoon naturist set hangs out. It is however overlooked from the car park and is at best 50% nude.
Alternatively you can go right from the car park past the canteen and down the zigzag path to the beach facing the rock shelf. It is heavy gauge rocks but on a still day it is like a scene from the big blue. Probably only 25% nude at best and overlooked again from the car park.
The "real" naturist beach, named Kambi (see above) is about 250m further to the right in a scramble along a very rocky path at the water's edge.

A few minutes of scrambling to the left of the ledge mentioned above, where the "afternoon naturist set" go, (in the direction of the chapel, in other words left if you are facing the sea) and you will find a beautiful naturist cove. It is not visible from the car park, the rocks are flat and quite comfortable, it has sun late (for Agia Anna) and there is a great view of the monastery.

A report from high season 2008 suggested that the beach was crowded and no nudes there, but that snorkelling was excellent.

A report from early July 2017 states that the beach is in pristine condition and has very few visitors. During one visit there was one couple and a family, all nude. During a second visit there were about 18 people there, with 70% nudist.
Another report from early Aug. 2017 states that the beach is a great place to relax and swim nude, few people, very relaxing place with a great view of the monastery (I think this refers to Kambi as you can't see the monastery from Agia Ana beaches)

June 2018: Both bays at Agia Anna are small. 10 people on each would make them crowded. The small bay to the left, next to the chapel was all textile, the next bay accessed from under the cafe was 80% textile and the only nude couple covered up as the beach filled up. On the rocks between the two was a single nudist. There was a steady stream heading on to Kambi along the rocks. Beautiful clear blue water and fantastic snorkelling.

July 2021: very small crowded beach. 100% textile.

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